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Five Things Friday #49

Most likely by the time you read this I will be high in the sky and traveling to PA. My friend Carly is getting married this weekend (!!) and Neil and I are headed out there to visit some friends, ogle the newlyweds, and eat all the cake. There will probably also be dancing. We head back on Sunday so look for a recap on Monday.

This week seems to have flown by. I actually had a hard time coming up with five things for this post. Most of the time I can just go through my 215641654 pictures I’ve taken or look at my notes on my phone (if I have an idea I will jot it down in there), but all I had written were my new pants and then lots of pictures of memes and playlists and sweet potatoes. Hmm. Finally I sat down and walked all around the condo like a detective until I solved the case.

Your culprits: (I think I took that a bit too far)

1. High Times Pant

I have never ever in my life bought something from Lululemon. I think they are incredibly overpriced and buy most of my workout clothes at Target, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx. I have even had a gift card in my wallet for months that I couldn’t bring myself to use. That being said, when I saw these pants I had to have them.

When a girl took one of my classes wearing them, I cornered her in the tiny room where she was grabbing some of her equipment and creepily asked her where she got them. Of course I knew she would say Lululemon and then my heart sank. I walk by a store every time I work and that night I peeked in to see if my friend Lauren was working. She was, so I went in and asked her if they had the “pants with the weird swish swash (wtf is that? why didn’t I just say criss cross?) on them” while pantomiming what I meant on my own legs.

Success! They did, but even with my gift card and discount for being a fitness instructor I ended up paying around $30 for them. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE SHOP HERE??

Anyway, I love them but am using a stock picture since you can’t really see all their glory in my one from work. I also got mine in plain black which they don’t seem to offer as an option online.

high times pant



2. On Writing by Stephen King (affiliate)

Another week, another book. I love Stephen King and for some reason I find great comfort in his books. I go through periods where I inhale them like air and then I seem to forget that he’s an author at all. I loved this book because it combined his writing with a topic that I am passionate about. I loved reading how he got some of the inspiration for his novels and then his actual technical advice for the craft of writing.

Yes, that is a highlighter on my nightstand. You never know when you will read something that will change your life!


3. This dress

I thought about saving this until next week, but like I said I was scrounging for favorites, so here it is. I also know that yesterday I talked about not wearing dresses, but this is one of those occasions where I enjoy it. I just can’t wear a dress as my casual day clothing.

I want it noted for the record that I do not wear red, but I needed a new dress for this wedding and this fit the bill. If they had had another color I would have bought that, but I decided to live dangerously. Look forward to some more sophisticated pictures next week after I fancy up a bit and take down my gym hair.


4. The Killing

My sister Jackie has been telling me to watch AMC’s The Killing for well over a year, but I haven’t until this week. It’s great. I love crime and murder shows with a good plot and this has all that and more. I may have watched 7 episodes in 2 days. (I did).



5. Trader Joe’s Facts

Since slowly coming around to the magic that is Trader Joe’s, I’m always interested in reading more about the store I previously disliked. This article has some new facts and some ones I already knew, but this one was the best:


Well that wraps up my week. Hope you have a great weekend and have a little dance party on Saturday night…it’ll be like we’re hanging out! If you want you can dress up too.


  • What do you have planned for this weekend?
  • What’s a show that you started way after everyone else?
  • Did you know you could sample food at Trader Joe’s?

20 comments on “Five Things Friday #49

  1. Have an awesome time in PA!
    I loved a The Killing, I watched it during the holidays in a ridiculously short span, so yeah I get it 🙂
    Oh I got the TJs ghost pepper that you recommended and I LOVE IT!!!!
    Danielle recently posted…sweaty runny storyMy Profile

  2. No big plans for the weekend – will be running a half on Sunday to kick off marathon training! Woohoo! I started watching Game of Thrones after the first three seasons… totally late to that game. And I had no idea you can sample food at Trader Joe’s …. that’s so beyond dangerous.
    Jamie recently posted…Friday Faves – NakdMy Profile

  3. I love that red dress! Can you either post a comment reply here or email me to let me know where you purchased it?

  4. HI. 1. You look hot in those lulu pants! (and I only buy things that are on sale from them, and/or with a giftcard. Overpriced, but I feel like it’s worth it..for the pants at least) 2. You look hot in that dress! Ow ow! 3. I had no idea about TJ’s samplings…good to know! 4. Basically, I’m saying you’re hot. Have fun this weekend!
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Strawberry peach oat smoothieMy Profile

  5. I’m with you on the Lulelemon — it’s ridic. Kudos to anybody who has that sort of disposable income, but I don’t! I would also only be able to purchase something from there if I had a gift card/discount. Pretty much anything nice I own was a gift or bought at a clearance outlet lol.

    Um you look awesome in red and that dress!

    I have that Stephen King book and my mother has been bugging me for a while to read it. She’s a creative writing adjunct professor, teacher, and librarian and recommends it to so many people.

    Hope you had a great weekend, Erin! 🙂
    Erin recently posted…Lately I’ve Been… #TOLMy Profile

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