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Recovering, Books, and Addiction

Hello! Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was an enjoyable as mine. Neil’s dental work went well on Friday and I decided that I would recover right along with him throughout the weekend. Relax. Relax. Relax. That was taken verbatim from his post-op instructions and I thought it sounded pretty good to me too.

Friday I scooped Neil up from the dentist and we watched a movie in the afternoon until I had to go teach at Sweat. Our friend Matt came over to take over Neil duty and then when I got back from work we watched more movies. Because RELAX.


I was supposed to attend a paddleboarding event Saturday morning, but the weather wasn’t cooperating and they ended up rescheduling it. I scheduled my second to last session at Hardpressed to make up for it and got my butt kicked by Amanda.


Right after, I hobbled over to Meli Cafe (again) to meet Susie, her husband Alex, Neil and Matt for an epic brunch. Since I had already had breakfast and it was 12:30 pm, I decided to get lunch. As soon as I saw a sandwich with lox I was sold.

I can never eat the sides that come with restaurant food. I am always so full from the main meal that I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Does anyone else have this problem?


Matt came back to our place and we hung out for awhile before going to see Spy at the theater. Normally I would have saved that one for an at-home viewing, but it got really good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. It was actually a pretty good movie and I would recommend it if you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy that actually has a plot. Also, Jason Statham.

When we got back I made this pesto, broccoli, and tomato pizza from Trader Joe’s. It was just mediocre to me. If there had also been pizza sauce on it then maybe I would have eaten more.




Sunday morning I taught two classes at Sweat. On my way there I was caught in a torrential downpour so I was soaked and teaching for two hours. Thankfully most of me dried before I headed home. Β Neil’s pain was worse yesterday than any of the other days so he camped out on the couch for most of the day.

After teaching, I hurried home so that I could shower and get ready for my panel at the Printers Row Lit Fest. Β I headed down there a little early so that I could wander around and was so happy to see so many books. As you may remember, I kind of love them.



It was just tent after tent after tent of books which the most wonderful way to spend your day if you ask me. Luckily, I didn’t have cash on me or I would have gotten dangerously out of control.


Around 2:15 pm I headed to the Chicago RedEye tent to meet up with the other panelists.



The Chicago RedEye is an offshoot of the Chicago Tribune and has been focusing 2015 on stories of addiction and dependency. Since I wrote about my story for one of their articles, I was invited to speak on a panel entitled “Writing About Vice.” I was joined by Lisa, Rob, and David and we were all able to offer unique perspectives on the subject of addiction. I absolutely love speaking at events like this because it reminds me why I went through what I did–to be able to share that knowledge and help others.


(Thanks to Susie for this picture and for being my paparazzi!)

I stayed after to talk to a few people and then headed home to do some more relaxing. I made some almond butter and ate 2415784 almond butter and cherry jelly sandwiches on cinnamon raisin bread. Bliss.

Neil will actually be out of town some this week, so I have a lot of time to dedicate to writing and goal setting. I have a meeting set up tonight to talk about getting some potential training clients and I will let you know how that shakes out. I hope you all had a GREAT weekend and I’ll see you all tomorrow!


  • What’s the best thing you did this weekend?
  • What movie are you looking forward to in the theater?
  • Hardback, paperback, or electronic books?

19 comments on “Recovering, Books, and Addiction

  1. Wow! You had such a productive weekend! I read and slept a lot during mine — but it was great! That’s so amazing you got a chance to speak about your writing and experience. You definitely should write a book, girl!
    Erin recently posted…5 Steps To A Happy LifeMy Profile

    1. It’s one of my giant life goals but who knows when that will happen. Also, sleep sounds like the best weekend.

  2. So glad that there was so much Erin in my weekend. πŸ˜€ SO MUCH ERIN. I hope that Neil is feeling better by today, especially if he has to travel–traveling with mouth pain blows. I always liked the ability to mark my place with a hard back, but I liked the ability to wedge the paperbacks open. And now, I like being able to read with ease on cardio machines with my Kindle/ipad. So I’m down for alllllllll
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…A Quiet Weekend that Spoke Volumes : Little Things In LifeMy Profile

    1. I used to be weird about bending my books past a certain degree bc I didn’t want to crack the spine. I’ve calmed down a bit but I still haven’t jumped on the kindle train…

  3. What a great weekend! Mine was good too. Andrew and I had no kids for the day and we spent it kayaking and running and then out for a fancy dinner at night. I guess the sun was a bit too much for me and I ended up barfing in the restaurant bathroom. Totally sucky. But the rest of the day was worth it! It’s the first time we’ve been alone with no kids for longer than a couple of hours. We really needed it.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend πŸ™‚ It’s so great that you’re helping others who are going through what you have, and I’m sure you had a great impact on everyone there! I’ve spoken on a few panels before, and I know how nerve-wrecking it can be! I have a lot of respect for you, especially talking about something so personal. You go girl!
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…MIMM – Short Weekend RecapMy Profile

    1. Thanks Gretchen! It gets easier with time, especially since it’s all personal experience. So I don’t have to worry about having the “right” answer, I just have to speak to what I’ve been through and learned.

  5. That book fair looks awesome. I love reading. I used to despise reading electronic books when they first became popular and would only buy a physical copy. Now that we have moved so many times, I realize it is much better to just suck it up and buy the electronic copy so we are not packing up so many books! On our last move, we had 9 boxes of books to move! Ridiculous!
    Lindsey recently posted…National Trails Day 2015: South Sister Summit TrailMy Profile

    1. I downsized my book collection to half and then when we moved I downsized it even more but we still had numerous boxes. I get the practicality of e books but I still can’t bring myself to read them!

  6. Poor Neil hope he’s all good now! I’ve had three major dental surgeries this past year so I feel for him.
    I am dying to see Spy!!! We just saw Aloha and I thought it was a boggled mess, not my cup of tea.
    I love books, real ones with paper lol. I like reading on my iPad at night though but I can’t get over my lovely book obsession
    Danielle recently posted…The Ex & The DonutMy Profile

    1. Oh no that’s too many surgeries. He is still hurting but it’s slowly getting better. Spy was definitely a good one and I totally agree with you on real books.

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