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The Weekend The Sun Came Out

This weekend was another weekend of opposites, but this time it’s not my activity level we’re talking about. I was out and about both days with very different weather conditions. Compare and contrast, my friends:


Saturday was cloudy in the 50s and 60s. I went stand up paddleboarding (SUP) for the first time on Lake Michigan as part of a media event put on by Crosstown Fitness. You may remember that it was originally scheduled for a few weeks ago, but had to be rescheduled due to weather. I have to say that this weekend was not much better as I set out for our 9 am meeting time in a temperature of 57 degrees.


I only have one picture since I wasn’t about to bring my phone with me on the paddleboard. Thankfully I didn’t fall in, but I was terrified the entire time because the water was so choppy and the temperatures were not conducive to toppling into the water.


I had an awesome time and when we wrapped up at 10 am I hurried back to the theater to see Jurassic World with Neil. Has anyone else seen it? Definitely recommend.

After the movie I saw a picture of waffles which meant that I must have some. We walked up to Hashbrowns which was recommended to us by our friend Matt. I was slightly confused because the “butter” they gave me tasted more like ice cream, but hey, I’ll take it.



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I was trying to account for the rest of the time on Saturday but then I remembered that I passed out on the couch for 2 hours. Whoops. I made a Blue Apron dinner and settled in with Stephen King’s memoir on writing (affiliate) until it was time to sleep.


Sunday Neil and I woke up to a much different day. We made pancakes and eggs for breakfast and then I got ready for paddleboarding trip #2. Since I had already mastered the cold, choppy water of the day before, I knew it would be a breeze. Jeana had originally organized the trip and we were supposed to roll 7 deep into the clear waters of Montrose Harbor.


Unfortunately, Chicago had different plans for us. I actually took my car out to drive somewhere besides Costco because I knew of a large parking lot near the harbor. Apparently when the weather is nice in Chicago, people want to stop hibernating and do things like be active. Or do a color run.

Due to the latter, both exits that I needed to use to get to my beloved parking lot were closed and I had to scramble to find parking somewhere. Note: unanticipated events like this do not make me a happy camper. I wasn’t familiar with the area and I start to panic when I may be late to things.

Finally, I stumbled across a public parking lot and paid $16 to park for a couple hours. My wallet cried a little. I hurried over to the harbor and after waiting with Patty for awhile found out that Jeana’s whole crew were directed even further north and the timing wouldn’t work for them to get down in time. Patty and I headed off into the sunset, just the two of us (we missed you guys!).


This time out on the paddleboard was great. We stopped at three different times to do some cardio and resistance circuits on the board. There were resistance bands attached to the board that allowed us to do bicep curls, squats, and rows. We were even doing pushups and mountain climbers on the boards at one point. Basically, we were awesome.


I also got a great sunburn which I love because it’s just enough that will turn into tan but not too much that it will peel. Well played Chicago.

I loved being out on the water because it reminded me of home. It was still a little cold in the actual water but after we had been out in the sun for an hour it felt incredibly refreshing!

After paddling, Neil met me and I drove to Devon Ave. The original plan was to shop for Indian clothes for a party next month and eat at our favorite Indian place, but we ended up only completing one task.


I wasn’t able to find anything that I wanted to get, but I was also tired and burnt and I don’t think I had enough patience to shop. Shopping is a big drain on me anyway, so having lots of people flock to me and throw sparkly clothes my way can get a little overwhelming.

I did find a little bit of turmeric though if anyone needs any. Because I know someone will ask, no, it’s not $0.99.


After paddling and visiting India, we came home and collapsed on the couch with some movies. Perfect end to the weekend.


  • What did you do this weekend?
  • How is your weather?
  • Have you ever been SUP?

21 comments on “The Weekend The Sun Came Out

    1. It wasn’t too bad when we went, but I wish I had worn sunscreen. I wasn’t used to it not being cloudy all day!

  1. yummy waffles sound great! i have really been wanting to try the paddleboard, it looks like so much fun! i should investigate this further now 🙂
    our weekend was very fun – lots of family and friend time with sprinkles of outdoor running and lots of food. always a good recipe. happy monday!
    danielle saucy smith recently posted…Week of MEMy Profile

  2. I would love to SUP. I don’t know where the hell I would do it in Glasgow though …I’ll definitely have to look into that. Looks like so much fun and just a different thing to do to mix it up! Your waffle butter sounded magical. I love really fresh butter that tastes like sweet cream. I need to see Jurassic World. It will happen this week. I haven’t been to see a film in forever and there are so many amazing theaters less than 3 miles from my apartment! No excuse! 🙂
    Erin recently posted…Abroad City: An American Living in Glasgow #5My Profile

  3. That strength workout on a paddle board looks like my JAM! I’ll definitely have to make SUP happen this summer — just definitely going to wait until it’s guaranteed sunshine!

    You’ll have to take me to your favorite Indian place — I’ve never had Indian food but I’m convinced I won’t like it because the smell of curry makes me nauseous. Change my mind!!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Inaugural CARA Run, Father’s Day, and Old Lady FunMy Profile

    1. I’m sure you’d love it. Oh I will change your mind. This place is great, 24 hours, cash only, but super cheap. It must be done.

    1. They have yoga SUP classes and Pilates too but we did the cardio one. It was really cool. If I was more flexible I’m sure the yoga class would make for some really cool pictures.

  4. SUP is one of my favorite summertime activities! I’ve tried SUP yoga, but resistance bands… I think I would definitely fall in! Haha. Our weather was pretty crummy, really humid and overcast all Saturday with periods of rain, and then same Sunday morning, into the afternoon with a spit of sunshine, then back to torrential downpour. Here’s to hoping next weekend is more of a beach weekend!! Hope you have a great day!
    Jamie recently posted…GrrrrrrMondayMy Profile

  5. Oh man, I’d love to go see a movie, but I’m up to *here* already with carnivorous animals. Teenagers in the house make dinosaurs seem like bunny rabbits. I do love Indian food though! Aloo Gobhi (sp?) is my absolute fave. Always hot and spicy. YUM.
    Suzy recently posted…SurfaceMy Profile

    1. Hahaha. My go to is always butter chicken or chicken tikka masala like a typical white person.

  6. so many things to comment on!! where to start…
    a) i HATE it when parking is so expensive. i would actually cry because its totally unfair and $16 for a couple hours is INSANITY
    b) mmmm. indian food. i think you picked the better option if you could only complete one of the tasks!
    c) paddleboarding WHILE exercising. you are a champion. that looks like way too much fun
    Beverley @ sweaty&fit recently posted…Miso Shrimp and Noodle SoupMy Profile

    1. I know. I was not happy about it.

      That SUP was awesome and I hope I can do some more this summer!

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