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June Income Report

Coming at you SUPER late this month is my income report for June. This month has been pretty crazy for me and I haven’t been able to dedicate quite as much time to Erin’s Inside Job as I would have liked. I’ve been overwhelmed with ideas, which, coupled with a lack of clarity on what to do with them, has led me to a point of inactivity. Throw in some marriage issues and dealing with life as it happens and you’ve got a recipe for a slower month on the blog.

The good news is that I met with everyone I knew who would be able to help me out with brainstorming and I have a much better handle on what to do with all my ideas. I am not well versed in planning short and long term goals, so now that I have talked to people who are, I feel much better about where things are going and I can actually work on goals in manageable amounts.

June Income Report


  • Freelance writing: $200
  • sovrn: $14.32
  • Goodle Adsense: $3.08
  • Shareaholic: $2.12
  • Amazon affiliates: $2.96
  • Total: $222.98

While monetarily things were a little slower (I ended up with $20.43 less than last month), I actually took on some bigger projects in June and July that won’t pay out until August. I am planning on including payments in the month that I receive them, so there may be delays between when I write a sponsored post (for example) and when I actually receive and report that payment.

Blogging is not an immediate revenue source for a couple reasons. For one, most sponsored post networks that you work with pay out well after the fact. Some are better than others, but on average you are looking at 30-60 days for a payment. The second is because before you can start being paid for aspects of your blogging, you need to establish readership. Blogging is not a sprint (unless you are an outlier). Blogging is a marathon. You have to show up consistently and offer meaningful content that will help your reader. Then your audience will grow.

If you are interested in starting a blog but aren’t sure how or where to start, I wrote a post about How To Start A WordPress Blog in Under 5 Minutes. In it, I show you step-by-step how to get moving with your own self-hosted blog and until August 7th you have access to a special lower rate for hosting!

Freelance writing is still my largest source of income and during June I was able to add another online site to my resume. I won’t get paid until later this month, but one of my goals for June was to reach out for more freelancing opportunities, which I accomplished. If you are interested in freelance writing and where to start, check out my post on How To Start Freelance Writing.

What I Did Differently This Month

Honestly, not much. I spent a lot of time in June and July wrapped up in life and didn’t take as much time to plan or strategize. I focused on creating helpful and inspirational posts, which in turn brought more readers who identified with the things I was writing. I didn’t do things like experiment with floor prices or new ad networks, which may be why some of those numbers suffered.

I published an article on YourTango which was then picked up by Refinery29. I am always on the hunt for more freelancing, both paid and unpaid, and a lot of my new readers come from finding my site through other publications.

Plans For July

Seeing as how there are only 4 more days left in the month, I suppose it makes more sense to talk about what I have already done this month:

  1. Apply for more freelancing
  2. Joined an online course for launching your side project
  3. Focused more on outlining short vs. long term goals
  4. Utilize CoSchedule more for post planning

If you can think of anything that you would like to see (or not) on Erin’s Inside Job or topics that you want me to cover, please let me know in the comments section! If you want me to go into more detail about any of the ways I am using to monetize, just ask.  I have been excited to start writing these and I’m sure in my excitement I have forgotten something.  As always, it is your feedback that helps me know what direction to go to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time here!

Also, if you enjoy reading income reports as much as I do, make sure to check out some of my favorites:

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17 comments on “June Income Report

  1. I’m so happy you’ve shared other income reporting bloggers with us. I feel like making money from blogging is never going to happen sometimes, but it is helpful to see what others are doing and tips for improving upon things. I have been doing a bit more freelance work (unpaid, sadly) but hopefully it will turn into something paid eventually!
    Erin recently posted…Natural Detox Foods (Guest Contributor)My Profile

    1. I do a bunch of stuff that’s unpaid because I know it will pay off in the long run. Being able to have that stuff on a resume is great and it will also bring people from other parts of the internet world 🙂

  2. These income reports are so helpful; thanks for sharing them. I’m becoming kind of overwhelmed with blogging. There’s so much I want to cover, and taking on sponsored posts here and there leaves me stressed. Ad stuff/making revenue is so far down the priority list for me, but I want to get there sometime soon. GAH!

    You are so right that blogging is a marathon.
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Have back pain? Try this version of cat/cowMy Profile

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