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8 Thoughts I’m Thinking Out Loud

I usually write my motivational/inspirational posts on Thursdays, but today this post is in true Thinking Out Loud style. Lots of photos and food.

1. Bear with me since I usually have 3521657 thoughts going at any one time. In fact, a friend of mine sent me these pictures the other day that I think sum the process up quite nicely:


This one is me during the day. By night time I am always ready for sleep and am out in no time.


2. Remember my obsession with Noosa Honey yogurt? When I was in Target the other day I saw they had a PUMPKIN flavor. I didn’t buy it, but now I am intrigued.


3. I saw this Green Dragon hot sauce at TJs the other day and want to know if anyone has tried it. I have a pretty high spice tolerance, so I don’t want to buy it if it’s not going to knock my socks off.


4. If you like pickles, this popcorn is for you.


5. Apparently this post is all about food (I know you’ve missed that), and I want another one of these.


6. The weather has been so nice here in Chicago lately, but I spend most of my time during the day staring out the window. At least it’s a nice city. I really need to get out and walk around more before the arctic settles upon us.


7. The masterpieces from Neil and Matt’s Blue Apron experiments.



8. I won an entry to the Magnificent Mile Women’s Half Marathon on Sept. 6th through Luna, so of course I am going to run it after May’s shoddy race training and last month’s complete lack of it. I think this time I will actually focus on running in the month I have left. As much as I love my Sweat classes and strength training, I’m going to make sure that I don’t kill myself this time around.

This morning I did a quick 3 mile run and then spent almost the same amount of time trying to get a video of it.


I actually feel excited to start running again. I was a little concerned because this year I didn’t get the same urge to run as I normally do when the weather gets warmer. It was probably because my body discovered high intensity workouts and heavier weights and fell in love, but running will always have a special place in my heart. Apparently only when 13.1 miles are involved though.

I hope you have a great Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


  • Do you go through a love/hate relationship with running?
  • What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • Tell me something random!

22 comments on “8 Thoughts I’m Thinking Out Loud


    I definitely have a love/hate relationship with running. I’ve been trying to run more this summer because my hubby is training for the Scottish run half-marathon. I couldn’t commit because I have so many issues when I run past 8 miles these days. I do love running, but I’m with you on the HIIT and weights. Oh and Spinning, of course!

    My fave ice cream flavor is definitely Cinnamon Buns Ben & Jerry’s and they don’t have it in the UK (which is really great AND really terrible)!

    Also, I can never figure out how to film myself doing anything haha!
    Erin recently posted…Intuitive Exercise FuelingMy Profile

    1. Man if I liked cinnamon that sounds delicious. I would send you some but I’m pretty sure it would be disgusting when it got to you.

  2. Remember that You can always return things at Trader Joe’s if you don’t like it! Get the hot sauce 😉

    Did you try the pickle popcorn? What did you think? I was looking at it in the store, and this guy walks by me and goes “don’t do it, it’s gross!”.

    1. Oh yeah I totally forgot that. I would prob be too lazy though.

      I tried it and I don’t like pickles, but I think if you like them then it is good. Idk if that is a great recommendation, but I know someone else who thought it was good!

  3. Totally in the love phase with running at the moment, but I have toggled back and forth many times 🙂
    My favorite frozen treat currently is mango frozen yogurt. I’m just crazy about it especially mixed with a little vanilla bean yogurt. Yummy
    Danielle recently posted…Milk Tea & PoPoMy Profile

    1. Yeah me too. I think it’s coming back though despite the fact that I put myself through a bunch of races without training haha

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with running all the time. In fact, this summer we’ve been in an argument but we’re working things out.

    The pickle popcorn is something I might need to try. That sounds yummy to my tummy.

    I recently started the YouTube thing and found it difficult to video myself without a setup. So now I full on setup but it makes me feel self-conscious having all of that stuff out.
    Angela – WeBeatFat.com recently posted…WIAW: This week’s eats and the leftoverMy Profile

    1. Haha I’m glad you guys aren’t breaking up.

      It is definitely good if you like pickles!

      I’ll have to check you out on there. That’s awesome!

  5. Those grapics in #1 are 100 % me. That’s why I also can’t give you ONE random thought. For one because there are too many running in my mind – and then there’s my inability to decide which one too share. Yes, my mind is complicated.
    It’s a pretty new love affair but my favourite ice cream flavour would have to be Vanilla Blueberry Apple Pie. Alternatively mango ;).
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Date your dietMy Profile

  6. You sound like me with the randomness! I have a love hate relationship with running, I love it when I can and I hate it when I can’t run (#injuryprone). I hate it when I’ve taken a break from running and it feels super hard again! Anyone else? Nothing taste better than a smoothie after a hard run, sometimes I dream about them the night before a run!

    1. Yes exactly. I think I take it for granted until I actually cant run for some reason and then I’m like WAIT I NEED TO RUN!

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