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Five Things Friday #56

Somehow I managed to post all five days this week! For the past couple months I’ve stripped it down to four, but for some reason (I’m blaming the weather), I felt like I had good content to share all Monday through Friday. My schedule was also a little lighter, so I was able to fit in some book chapters in between training and teaching classes. #keephustlin

This weekend is uneventful yet again, so I’m planning on taking full advantage of the beautiful weather that seems to have fallen on this great city. I’m hoping that it sticks around awhile before winter rears its head.

Here’s a look at some things I am loving from this week for Five Things Friday:

1. Glazed & Infused World’s Hottest F@%&ing Doughnut

I had seen this doughnut on Glazed & Infused‘s Instagram and watched a couple videos of people eating it in their challenge. You know my love of all things hot and spicy and when I saw that combined with a delicious doughnut, I had to have it. Unfortunately, Neil and I went last weekend only to find that they were all sold out. Earlier this week he surprised me during an early morning workout in the gym and I cut my workout short because, hello, doughnuts.

It is a bismarck doughnut filled with raspberry jam which as been infused with scorpion chile (one of the world’s top 10 spiciest chilies). It is then covered in a five-spice glaze made up of cinnamon, habanero, scorpion, Carolina reaper, and red savina peppers. Topping this beauty is a chocolate dipped habanero pepper.

I made it about halfway through before I threw in the towel. I probably could have finished it on principle, but Neil told me that I wasn’t obligated and since my stomach wasn’t terribly happy with me jamming a doughnut in it before 8 am, I called it quits. Neil also had me on video talking about it being manageable but then also like “little pieces of glass.” If you like spice (and live in Chicago), definitely pick this one up! It’s a doozy.



2. Rising Strong by Brene Brown

I mentioned getting Rising Strong (affiliate) a week or two ago and I finally got a chance to read it. Well, not really a “chance” but more of me making time because it’s an important book for me. I finished it in two days, but my plan is to go through and read it again. It was incredible (as all of her books are), but I get so excited that I blow through them and don’t give myself any time to actually digest the material.

My brain is great at taking in all sorts of information, but I need to practice taking some time to let that information connect with the feeling part of me and fully sink in. When I don’t do that, I don’t retain and internalize all of the important messages I am reading.


3. Which Wich

There was one of these near us in VA and Neil and I used to eat there all the time. When looking for a place to grab lunch yesterday, we found out that there is one near us here in Chicago too! You fill out one of these paper bags with whatever kind of sandwich (or bowl) you want and then it is prepared for you. I got my trusty chicken pesto bowl and Neil got a Thanksgiving sandwich that comes with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. So good.



4. Kabocha Squash 

Fall is here. The last time I was in Trader Joe’s I saw my beloved kabocha squash and all of my dreams came true. This is my favorite fall squash to roast and eat like candy and by the time we moved to Chicago last year, I could only find it in Asian stores a 20-30 min train ride away. I can’t wait to start making it at every opportunity.


5. Tailwind for Pinterest

I know that many people either know about or are using Tailwind, but this week during some of my downtime I took a couple minutes to check it out myself. Tailwind is a tool for Pinterest that allows you to schedule out pins at optimum times. I wasn’t ready to spend money on it yet (it’s a paid service), and I was super excited to see that they had a free trial. There is no time limit; you have free scheduling up to 100 pins and once you reach that number you will have to pay to upgrade.

Now that I am writing more evergreen content, I feel like it can have a good home on Pinterest. I’ve only been using Tailwind for a couple days, but so far I love it. In fact, I’m getting a little obsessed with it. I want to wait and see the results of using it up until those 100 pins, but I can already say that I’m almost positive I will end up signing up once those are up.

P.S. Are we connected on Pinterest? If not, let’s be friends!



I hope you all have a great weekend and your weather is as beautiful as it is here!


  • What’s one thing you’re loving this week?
  • Do you use Tailwind?
  • Do you like spicy food?

12 comments on “Five Things Friday #56

    1. I had the same concern, but Tailwind actually solved that problem for me. I use their browser plug in to grab pinnable content across the web and to schedule repins on Pinterest.

      Also- ask to be invited to their “Discover Content” beta. It makes building your boards really easy by recommending content for each one. Using that, I can pin a week’s worth of new content now in about 25 minutes!

  1. Sigh, Pinterest is something that I haven’t made a priority in regards to blogging, and sometimes I think that’s okay. Other times, I want to try to be better at it.
    Im a TERRIBLE spice wimp. It gives me really bad um…restroom issues the next day, so I usually stay away from things hotter than jalapeños. You are a champ though! I bet Ray would be down to try it 🙂
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Gluten free sweet potato oat muffinsMy Profile

  2. I think Pinterest is a great tool and I know people who spend time pinning, do see traffic from it. However, I am never consistent with it. Sometimes I have to force myself to pin. I’ve been more aware of it lately because I keep hearing about how pinterest is a GREAT tool for traffic
    Pragati // Simple Medicine recently posted…Hemp Heart Basil PestoMy Profile

    1. I’m pretty inconsistent too but hopefully scheduling will help me out some. Don’t worry, I’ve been pinning all your fancy foods lately!

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