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Five Things Friday #58

First of all, thanks to everyone who was able to relate to yesterday’s post. Despite my ability to talk freely about my past, it was harder for me to bring up my present. That was one of the first posts where I wasn’t sure about hitting publish. I’m glad I did and I’m glad that many of you were able to resonate with it. We are rock stars!

This week has had its ups and downs, but there are still some things that I’ve been able to enjoy. I’ve slowly been feeling better as the week goes on, as evidenced by the fact that I was able to write again! Let’s hope this keeps up. To celebrate the end of the week, check out this week’s Five Things Friday!

1. #facesinplaces

I have posted before about my love of finding faces in random places. I’ve started taking pictures of them and just like every brilliant idea I’ve ever had, I realized that it’s already a hashtag on Instagram. You can check out all of the awesome pictures here.

This is from the waiting room at the doctor’s office. He has a fancy mustache.


This was on my walk home from work the other day. The person behind me probably thought I was crazy since I stopped so abruptly to take out my camera and take a picture. I love it!


2. Warmer Meals

Now that the temerpatures are dropping, I have been enjoying warmer and heartier meals for dinner. Last weekend Neil made a stew in the crock pot and later in the week I made some quick chicken curry which, no matter how much I lessen the chili powder, always seems to be incredibly hot. Perfectly fine for me, but for Neil it’s another story.


3. Narcos

We have been looking for another show to watch since we just finished Mr. Robot (also a good one, albeit a little slow in the beginning). I had heard good things about Narcos on Netflix so Neil and I started it Wednesday night. We are only a couple episodes in, but so far we are really enjoying it. I can’t say I’m surprised given how many History Channel specials I’ve watched on Pablo Escobar, but I definitely give it two thumbs up to anyone looking for a new show to watch. Definitely a violence warning though for anyone who may have issues with that.

Narcos blog (Netflix


4. Wall Art

While we were on vacation in NC, we had our walls painted in our condo and last weekend we actually buckled down and hung up some more artwork that we’ve had since we moved in. Our place feels a little more cozy now that we’ve finally hung stuff after almost a year.




5. Archie

Archie is a tool that helps grow your social media exposure for Twitter and Instagram. All you do is include up to 10 hashtags that are related to your brand or interests and Archie will search accounts on IG and Twitter for those tags. It will then like a post or a picture with that tag. It allows you to interact with more people since most of us are not sitting on either social media account all day long searching through hashtags. In three days I have already gained 100 new Instagram followers.

There is a free 3 day trial and no commitment. Archie doesn’t leave bogus comments or require you to follow people. If you’re interested in trying Archie or want to get more information, simply head to their website. (note: this is my referral link)



I think this weekend should be pretty low key again which means I will probably come back on Monday and let you know that I’ve managed to watch the entire rest of the season of Narcos. If you are doing anything exciting, let me know so I can live vicariously through you!


  • What’s one of your favorite things from this week?
  • Do you procrastinate on hanging things up when you move in?
  • What’s the last TV series you watched?


8 comments on “Five Things Friday #58

  1. Love Narcos!!! It gets so good, and I can’t believe most of it actually happened. So crazy!!!
    I see letters in places, and arrows quite a bit too. I’m always thinking its some kind of sign!

    1. I’m so lazy and awful about decorating. I feel like I should like it more as a girl but it just tires me out thinking about it. Let me know if you try out Archie and how you like it!

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