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My Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza Problem + Weekend Things

Here’s the thing about foods I really like—I usually go into a ridiculous phase of eating them nonstop for an indefinite period of time. I can’t predict when it will, but the phase always comes to an end and then I move on. Sometimes I return after a prolonged break, but sometimes I’m just done with whatever it was that I couldn’t live without at the time.

This is what’s happening with this mac ‘n cheese pizza from Dimo’s. You may be tired of reading about it every Monday since it has somehow made its way into my hands every weekend for the last month, but so far I haven’t gotten sick of it. It’s the most delicious thing ever.

Dimos Mac and Cheese Pizza

In addition to succumbing to my pizza weakness on Saturday, I taught two classes in the morning. Neil mentioned that he wanted to build me a light box for taking pictures when the lighting conditions aren’t ideal, so we drove out to Home Depot to pick up some supplies.

We decided that we could get things a little cheaper at Target, so basically Home Dept was an excuse to drive out and pick up an entire pizza at Dimo’s. We did get an extension cord for this baby though:

Christmas Tree

Sunday I had to train two clients, then we headed out to Logan Square for an adventure. I had never been out there and since we tend to explore the city when the temperatures drop, Sunday seemed like a good day to do it. When we got off the train, we realized we were hungry, so we went to Cozy Corner Restaurant & Pancake House. It was packed and literally right outside the station, so breakfast it was.

Their Belgian waffles are on point.

Belgian Waffle

We really ventured out because I wanted to try Gaslight Coffee Roasters since it was recommended to me by someone who also loves almond milk lattes. Unfortunately, they don’t have decaf espresso, so I got a regular one since we had already come all the way out there. LET’S GET CRAZY.

It was definitely a hit and I really liked the ambiance, but there was nowhere for us to sit since it has limited seating. That, or it’s just popular on a Sunday. They also serve small plates and pastries, but I was full of waffle already.

Gaslight Coffee Roasters

We came home and I got to work on a bunch of errands around the house. Making almond butter was on my list, but doing two things at once caused the almonds to roast about 5 minutes longer than I normally keep them in.

I think I may continuously roast them for that long since it gave the almond butter a deeper, richer flavor. Sometimes mistakes are a blessing in disguise.

Almond Butter

I relaxed the rest of the night and did some work planning out my week. I am teaching a free class at the Athleta in Gold Coast this Saturday at 8:30 am, so if you’re interested, come check it out!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure to enter my Swanson Health Products $50 Gift Card Giveway! You have until this Friday at midnight!


  • What’s the best thing you did this weekend?
  • Did you put a Christmas tree up yet?
  • Do you go through food phases?

11 comments on “My Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza Problem + Weekend Things

    1. I go through breakfast phases and those last a really long time. Right now we are on the same thing of chicken, rice, and veggies for dinner (when we aren’t being drawn to pizza). Balance?

    1. We haven’t made it yet, but I’m sure I’ll share it when it gets done. He got too excited and told me what he was going to do for Christmas haha

    1. It’s the most amazing thing ever (and the almond butter’s not too shabby itself). Thanks for reading Sarah!

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