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Pomp and a Party

The highlight of this weekend was heading out Saturday night to celebrate my boss’s 30th birthday. The first part of the day was spent training, napping, and having an overall lazy Saturday. The weather, while warm, was rainy, foggy, and not entirely pleasant to be out in.

The party was held at Pomp & Circumstance, a newer restaurant/bar located in Old Town. We had the second floor rented out for the party and it had a great ambiance to help enjoy the holiday spirit and a special birthday!

Pomp and circumstance

Pomp and circumstance 2

I was most excited to wear real clothes, wear makeup, and do my hair. Unfortunately, this sweater was overkill with the temperatures and the humidity attacked my hair with no remorse. Here I am with some of my lovely coworkers:

Pomp and circumstance 3

Neil and I with the birthday boy! HUMIDITY WHYYYYY??? By the time I got home my hair was about a foot bigger than when I left and I had developed magical curls that had no rhyme or reason.

Pomp and circumstance 4

We only stayed out until around 10 pm because I was scheduled to teach the classes Sunday morning, I had a training client before that, and I am an old lady that usually goes to bed at 10 pm anyway. We did fit in one more episode of The Wire though before bed.

Sunday after I was done with classes, I headed home and we made a trip to the suburbs near Midway airport to pick up a chair.


Then we stopped at Valentina Restaurant for some Mexican food. Their chips, dip, and these quesadillas were on point. I even ate the rice which I usually leave alone.


I was so full that dinner didn’t happen until 8 pm which came in the middle of football, another nap, and finishing up The Wire. Now on to season five!

This weekend was not very eventful, but those are the kinds of weekends I love. How about you? Also please note: NO MAC ‘N CHEESE PIZZA THIS WEEKEND. Who am I??


  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Favorite Mexican food?
  • What time do you usually go to bed?

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    1. Haha yeah it was. It was definitely an interesting night bc so many clients from the gym came too and we were all like omg look how much hair you have!

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