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10 Things From My Life Lately + NEWS!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I usually reserve Thursdays for more self-help and introspective posts, but I wanted to throw it back to a legit thinking out loud-style post today, where I share nonsense and random things going on in my brain. I’m headed out to CA today where I will be basking in the sun and eating all the acai bowls I can stomach for a week. YES. Follow all the adventures on Instagram!

Welcome to my brain and my life lately:

1. You all know that one of my favorite snacks is Medjool dates and almond butter. You also know that I hate soft, squishy dates. Gross.

The last time I went to order them from Costco (we get our Costco groceries delivered—SUPER convenient), they were sold out. They were back in stock the next time, but it seems like they got a fresh new batch and EVERY ONE of them is as soft. Like, super squishy soft. It’s awful. I may have to caramelize them.

Medjool Date Snack

2. Well, my knee is still causing me problems. Awesome. Maybe the universe is telling me to slow down and enjoy this vacation. This has been my life the past couple nights:

Knee Icing

3. In the past, I loved St. Patrick’s Day because it gave me an excuse to continue my abhorrent drinking binges, but now I like it because I’m Irish and because green is my favorite color. Here’s a picture from 2003 I found the other day when I was at a St. Patrick’s Day festival. Wait, this was 13 YEARS AGO??

St Patricks day Festival 2003

4. I LOVE buying travel-sized items. Anyone else? Whenever we go on a trip I usually end up buying some even though I already have a stockpile at home. I think it’s because I associate it with vacation—plus they’re so cute!

Travel Sized

5. In preparation for vacation, I did my semi-annual picture dump from my phone to my computer. I cleared out like 1300 photos, but I always feel like I need them back and accessible at all times. WHAT IF I NEED TO SHARE THAT ONE PICTURE OF TOAST AND I’M NOT NEAR MY COMPUTER??

6. Has anyone had these? I got them on a whim to try and mix it up and not eat an entire bag of their dried mangoes, but it tastes like they dried them when they were already overripe, so they’re super sweet. Overripe bananas are not my jam, so come over and get these from me please. Don’t worry, I have multiple bags of mangoes on standby.

Trader Joe's Dried Bananas

7. You guys, I don’t buy shirts very often, but I just got the cutest and punniest ones in the mail this week. I’m taking them to CA with me so I’m sure you’ll see them a lot, but check back tomorrow because they definitely made my list of favorite things for this week.

8. I keep buying things on Mercari. I realized the other day that my entire outfit was from there and what would have been a $300 outfit full price from Lululemon had only cost me $130! That’s for pants, top, sports bra, AND the jacket I seem to wear every day of my life now.

It’s dangerous because I can save my searches and whenever there are new items that meet my criteria, I get a daily email with all of them. Plus, it’s just super easy for me to click those saved searches to check for updates when I’m on the train going from client to client. Seriously, it’s the best. You can read about the first time I mentioned it here or just use the codeย RDTFCD to get $2 off.



9. I’m PUMPED because after my last client yesterdayย I got a spray tan. After having someone physically spray me for the photo shoot at Sweat, I don’t think I can ever go back to getting mystic tans again. They’re obviously more expensive, but it’s not something I do all the time, so it’s worth it. California here I come!

10. BIG NEWS of the day—I found out yesterday that I am going to be speaking at the Mental Health Marketing 2016 Conference in Nashville, TN! I always enjoy sharing my story with others, but at this conference I will be able to combine that PLUS my knowledge of blogging, social media, and marketing. We just finalized details yesterday, so I’m not up on the site yet, but I’m super pumped to be able to talk about two things that are near and dear to my heart. Even better news? He’s making me one of the keynotes. BAM.

mental health marketing conference 2016

P.S. ย I’ll be there May 12-13, so if any of you are in Nashville or have any good places for me to eat/visit, let me know in the comments!


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31 comments on “10 Things From My Life Lately + NEWS!

  1. Congrats! That’s so awesome! Super excited for you!

    Have fun in Cali! One of my favorite places. Sorry your knee is still bothering you- hope it feels better after your vacay.

    I can’t deal with dates– their texture and mushiness just grosses me out- plus they are a bit too sweet for me. And I’m cringing at the thought of overripe bananas. Ahh!

    I love travel size things too! We’re heading out of town tomorrow and I’ll probably buy everything in that section at Target today!
    Rosey Rebecca recently posted…You Know You’re A Healthy Living Blogger When…My Profile

  2. I’m the exact same way with my photos. I was just clearing mine out and it’s so hard to delete those random photos just in case you will need them.
    I’m not a fan of travel sized things because they are always overpriced, so I always try to make my own travel sized things.
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #62My Profile

  3. Congrats on the speaking engagement – that’s incredible.
    After one too many bad experiences with Irish car bombs, my love of St Paddy’s Day translates to wearing green (my favorite color, too), green smoothies, and cabbage. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy your vacation in CA & I hope your knee feels better!
    Catherine @ foodiecology recently posted…Building KindnessMy Profile

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