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Five Things Friday #84

Hey friends!

It’s the end of the week which means that it’s time to share with you some of my favorite things from the past 7 days. This weekend I’m working at Sweat to help put on a special Nike class (Nike is HUGE here in Chicago), but that’s really all I have on my plate. That means there will probably be naps.

Make sure to let me know what you have going on this weekend and let me know where I should go out and eat!

1. Lululemon Yogi Racerback

A colleague of mine at work (at first I typed cooleague (ha)) has a bunch of these yogi racerback tanks from Lululemon and I love they way they look and fit. Since I’m forever too cheap to pay full price at the store (even my trainer discount doesn’t always cut it), I’ve been looking for them on Mercari where I get A LOT of exercise clothes for super cheap.

I finally found one and bought it immediately. I wore it this week and I’m in love with it. It’s not as tight as the cool racerback (my other favorite), and it hangs lower in the front and back which is great for my body type (and covering my booty).

**If you want to read more about the Mercari app (it’s amazing), read this post and if you download it using the code RDTFCD, you get $2 (and so will I)!

Lululemon Yogi Racerback

2. Trader Joe’s Just Mango Slices

I’ve mentioned my obsession with TJs mango before (here and here), and when I stopped in yesterday I saw that they have plain mango with no added sulfur or sweetener. I bought one of each and I have to say that these plain slices are also pretty delectable. They weren’t as addictive as the ones with delicious sugar all over them, but that’s probably good because then I don’t eat the whole bag at once and skyrocket my daily intake by 700 calories (!!)

There’s also some spiced mango slices, but I haven’t been brave enough to get them since I don’t know how I feel about sweet and spicy together. Has anyone tried them?

Trader Joe's Just Mango Slices

3. Essie Off Tropic Nail Polish

Again, because I’m cheap, I don’t usually buy expensive nail polish, but I was in the mood the other night to grab a new one. I was intrigued by this “Off Tropic” shade which is a deep green and pretty unique to my collection of colors. I spent the night repainting my toes and watching season 6 of The Walking Dead.

I also made sure to include the top coat I use in here as well because it saves so much time in drying. I used to use the OPI drops, but I find that this one by Sally Hansen is cheaper, less messy, and combines a top coat in as well. Paint it over and you’re done!

Essie Nailpolish

4. Snap Kitchen GF Chocolate Brownie

may have found my new favorite brownie here in the city. The other night I had the opportunity to attend a blogging event at the new Snap Kitchen location in Gold Coast which opens tomorrow. I sampled a LOT of food (all delicious), but this brownie caught me off guard. As I was leaving, I grabbed one off a tray and took a bite. I was almost out the door when I tasted how amazing it was and turned around to stare at the tray again like a crazy person.

I love dense, fudgy brownies, and since this one is GF, that’s definitely what you’re going to get. Remember my obsession with the flourless chocolate cupcake back in VA? My only issue is that it uses a lot of coconut products, so there’s a slight hint of coconut taste which I’m not a huge fan of. The consistency is on point, though, and I’m definitely going back to get some more.

Snap Kitchen Brownie

5. From 0 to 60K Blog Course

* affiliate link

My friend Erica recently launched her first course, From 0 to 60K! I’ve known Erica since I attended my first blogging conference in 2014. One of the things she said during that conference has stuck with me to this day and is something that I continually remember as I work on growing this blog. She said that even though she had only been blogging about a year, she was able to land contracts with bigger brands because she treated her blog as bigger than it actually was. She didn’t let the fact that she had fewer page views than other bloggers stop her from going out and reaching for her goals.

I’ve been able to go through the course since it launched and it’s full of a lot of great information about starting a blog, growing your social media following and email list, and even creating your own products. There is also a private Facebook group where you can ask any questions along the way and Erica is super receptive and quick to reply. I would say this course is best suited to those within their first year of blogging, although there were a couple things that I was able to get out of it as well!

To read more about the course or to sign up, click here!

Erica House 0 to 60K Course

That’s all I’ve got for today!

One final note: as I’ve mentioned before, I will be speaking at the Mental Health Marketing conference in Nashville on 5/12. I’ve received a couple complimentary passes to the conference, so if you’re local to Nashville (or want to travel across the world to hang out), shoot me an email at and I can get you the info you need to go for free! I will be sharing my story and how I have used this blog and social media to reach a wider audience and grow my following. WOOT!


  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?
  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • Do you paint your own nails or get them done?

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    1. I totally understand not having the capacity for it. I’m much better at buying clothes than selling them haha

    1. Yeah I’ve had that happen a couple times but more often than not I just pay whatever they’re asking so there’s not a lot of commenting involved ha

    1. I just got a dehydrator too! That reminds me I need to dry out my soft squishy dates this weekend 🙂

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