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Weirdest Weather Weekend

Happy Monday!

It’s definitely a good one for me since I’m currently flying to or relaxing in San Diego! Neil and I headed out for two days so that he can present at a conference and I can drive around, drink kombucha, find smoothie bowls, and pet sea lions.

I’ll be back tomorrow night and then training clients bright and early Wednesday morning, but it’ll be good to have this four day weekend. Nothing like being able to adjust your own work hours! I’ll definitely be sharing my travels on Instagram if you want to follow along. ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday, Neil and I went to see Batman vs. Superman at 10:15 am because we are elderly. Seriously though, we tend to see all our movies first thing in the morning. You can’t beat a $6.37 price tag.

Batman vs Superman

It’s been getting mixed reviews so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I enjoyed it. I also made sure to let Ben Affleck know when it was done since he seems to be taking the criticism pretty hard.


The weather on Saturday made absolutely no sense. There was hail, snow, and bright sun that seemed to cycle every few minutes. This was the view from the train as we went to get some Jeni’s Ice Cream, and in the time we were on it it completely stopped and the sun came out.

 Chicago Snow

Our friend Ashley was visiting from Denver, and Jeni’s is always a mustย when she comes to town.

Jenis Ice Cream Southport

This time I got the espresso black cat and pistachio and honey. I have the latter in my freezer, so I could have gotten a different flavor, but why change what you love?

Jenis Ice Cream Southport 2

The rest of Saturday was completely lost to the couch and movies. We watched both Ghostbusters, Field of Dreams, and Room. I’m going to advise you not to watch both Field of Dreams and Room consecutively at the end of the day or you will end up tired and crying on the couch.

Sunday was a leisurely morning followed by a trip to Honey Butter Fried Chicken for lunch. I had been reminiscing about their sandwiches for a couple weeks, so we made the drive up there. There are only a few things that I will expend energy going all the way to my car for and this is one of them.

Honey Butter Fried Chicken



The weather was completely different on Sunday. It ended up being a beautiful day in the mid-60s. April, you are weird.

When we got home I was surprised with my Amazon order which was delivered on a Sunday. I’ve been seeing a lot of dehydrator talk lately on the internet and it’s always been something on my list to get eventually, so I figured the universe was sending me a sign.

The only annoying thing was that I got it too late in the day to really prep and make anything. My first attempt will probably be to dry out those awful squishy dates, but since they were going to take somewhere between 8 and 15 hours, I decided to wait til I’m back from CA. I will report back with my findings.



We had plans to meet Ashley again for dinner, but on our way I made a stop in H&M to look for a candle. I recently bought a couple more from Bath and Body Works, but realized that I wanted one that smells like magnolias. I did a search online and saw H&M listed, which confused me. Did you know they have an entire home section? When did that happen?


They actually had A LOT of stuff and it was all reasonably priced, so I’m going to have to go back and get a more thorough look. Sadly, the magnolia candle didn’t smell quite right so I skipped it.

If anyone knows where I can get one that legit smells like a magnolia tree, let me know immediately!


We met Ashley at Friends Sushi, which has been our go-to since we moved to the city. This was the first time we had ever eaten outdoors which means the first time I’ve ever been able to take a decent picture and share it with you.

Friends Sushi

After dinner we headed home, stopped at Trader Joe’s so I could grab some dried mango for our trip, ate an entire bag of said mango, and then packed. Overall, it was a great, relaxing weekend which I may not have as much of in the coming weeks/months. I have a mix of working and traveling coming up, so I want to enjoy two days of nothing as much as I can.

I hope you all had a great weekend and I should be able to get a post up for you all tomorrow!


  • What’s the best thing you did this weekend?
  • What’s the best thing you ate?
  • Did you know H&M had a home section??

28 comments on “Weirdest Weather Weekend

  1. H&M we don’t have We are a beach town and we don’t allow chain stores here. . Yankee Candle has a magnolia scent. I invented a grilled smoked Gouda , tomato and spinach sandwich ! Have a great time in my CA!

  2. Which H&M was that at??? Haha it looks like it might be the Michigan Ave or State Street location, but either way I definitely need to check it out!

    1. It was the one on Michigan. It was on the top floor w the kids clothes which may be why I’ve never seen it!

    1. Weirdly there isn’t a Yankee candle in the city. I’d have to drive to get to one, but someone else mentioned they have one as well!

  3. That ice cream looks SO GOOD, and I did not know that H&M had a home section either. Um, I live in Alabama, so lots of local places here (and MS) have magnolia scented everything. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The best thing I did this weekend was getting in a BodyPump class. The hubs and baby were sick, so the rest of my time was spent in the house or backyard. At least our weather wasn’t crazy like yours!
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