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Weekends, Workouts, and #DateMe

Hey friends!

Time to log another weekend in the books. Although the weather was FAR from spring-like OR enjoyable, I still managed to get out of the house and ended the weekend with a great balance of naps and movement.

Saturday morning I headed to Sweat for a special Nike event. The folks at Nike brought in about 21545571 pairs of their new running and training shoes for participants to wear while working out. The workout was split into running-intensive and training-intensive sections and people were able to switch out shoes halfway through when they moved to the next section.

Nike Revolution Sweat Chicago

It was really interesting learning about each shoe. For conditioning/circuit/HIIT classes, the training shoe is recommended because it gives you more support the entire way around the shoe, making it better for lateral and 360 degree movements. The running shoes have their support focused for more of the front to back motion that accompanies running.

End lesson: training shoes for HIIT and running shoes for longer, dedicated runs.

All the trainers who coached and helped out were able to take home a brand new pair of training shoes and these BOSS pants.

Nike Revolution Sweat Chicago 2

After the workout I made my way to Water Tower Place to pick up some more DAVID’s TEA because I go through it like crazy. I’m still waiting for the holidays to come back so I can buy all of the Cardamom French Toast.

I grabbed lunch at Freshii and this bowl was way better than the salad I remember getting from there before. When we first moved to Chicago, I stopped in and grabbed a salad that was so underwhelming that I hadn’t gone back until this weekend. Two thumbs up for this one.

Freshii Bowl

On my way home, I stopped in the Nike store because even though I was able to take home free shoes, I just couldn’t get past the color. I’m not a huge fan of girly-colored shoes like pink and purple, so I swapped the purple ones out for these fancy black/white/blue ones.

Nike Freeform Flyknit

Since it rained all weekend, once I got home in the afternoon it was time to stay home. I made more almond butter to enjoy with the dates I dehydrated overnight (HUGE time saver) and hung out in sweatpants for the rest of the night.

Almond Butter

Sunday morning was equally gray and chilly, so Neil and I slept in and enjoyed a leisurely morning at home. We made an attempt to grab an early lunch at the Protein Bar, but since it was the weekend, their breakfast hours were longer than normal. We walked up to Old Town for Neil to get a haircut and me to stop into Doodle’s Doughnuts to make this beauty:

Instagram 5000 followers

Sunday I hit 5000 Instagram followers, which blew my mind! As I mentioned in the comment on this picture, I’m so grateful for everyone who also loves looking at pictures of food. 🙂 While this blog is a more rounded conversation about how to find balance and live your best life, my Instagram account is more focused on finding a balance between healthy and indulgent food. Life is too short to deny ourselves things we love and shame our eating habits, so make sure to eat something you enjoy today!

As soon as I ate that entire donut, I headed back to Sweat to take my friend Katie’s graduation class. It was an 80s-themed workout, so we did it up right. Let’s just also talk about how the sun needs to come out in Chicago.

Sweat Chicago 80s Grad Class

It was such a great time with a great group of supportive people. Plus, how can you go wrong with an 80’s playlist?

Sweat Chicago 80s Grad Class 2

Sunday night I had the opportunity to attend the comedy show #DateMe at the UP Comedy Club. The creator/director reached out to me with a chance for Neil and I to see the show, which I jumped at. My first time visiting the city before we moved here we attended a stand up show and we haven’t seen once since because we are lazy people who nap all the time on weekends (or one of us is).

#DateMe Up Comedy Club

#DateMe is a hilarious story of the creation of 38 “undateable” OKCupid profiles and the real responses that were received from actual people on the internet. The premise sounded funny enough, but the show was REALLY great and combined great storytelling with improv, music, and interaction with the audience.

There was a clear progression and storyline, but I was surprised at just how enjoyable it was. There were great performances sprinkled throughout and it even had me crying at one point from a pretty serious reflection on the value of life and the need that we have for connection with other people.

P.S. The sign says “kitties” but Neil is just TOO HILARIOUS.

#DateMe Up Comedy Club 2

I’m so glad we went, and it wasn’t just because I got to take a shower and put on jeans for the first time in probably two months. We had such a great time, I ate a delicious grilled cheese with bacon, AND

#DateMe Up Comedy Club 3


UP Comedy Club Chocolate Cake

If you’re in Chicago, I highly suggest checking out this show. A big thanks to Robyn and UP Comedy Club for their warmness and hospitality! You can read more about the show here!

That wraps up the weekend — I hope you have a great start to your week!


  • What was the best thing you did this weekend?
  • What was the best thing you ate?
  • Who wants to see this show with me?

24 comments on “Weekends, Workouts, and #DateMe

  1. I totally would have taken your purple shoes. Hater. Congrats on 5k on IG. You have gone nutzo and up’ed that game in a huge way, and you should be really proud of yourself! I’ve heard that #dateme is hilarious, but going to it would involve me leaving the apartment (any of the apartments) and our neighborhood, which you know I don’t like to do.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Making an Impact, Moving Boxes, and Flywheel Giveaway!My Profile

    1. Haha I just can’t handle them they’re too bright! And it’s really good you should check it out!

    1. Haha I only don’t like them for me. I wore them all day today and through my workout and they were great!

  2. congrats on 5,000 followers!! i loveee your instagram altho i am always so jelly of all the food haha.
    we had that same Nike event in Toronto with the different sneakers. I wished I did the treadmill workout first because the warm up for the HIIT class was not long enough and everything felt so tight haha. next time!
    Beverley @ Born to Sweat recently posted…What I Loved: AprilMy Profile

    1. I’m blue and green too. (And black white and gray haha) I’m so happy your eyeballs are pleased! MMM sushi.

  3. What a fun weekend! I am a fan of the purple Nikes, but I also really like the black pair you chose, they would go with more too 😉 That show sounds hilarious, I would definitely want to see it!
    Sarah recently posted…Coffee Chat #1My Profile

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