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Five Things Friday #91

Happy Friday!!

I’m writing this post ahead of time, so as long as nothing went wrong yesterday, I am relaxing on the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres in Mexico. I’ve been in serious need of a vacation, so these couple days are going to be amazing.

I will have limited internet access and am not planning on bringing my laptop, so I won’t be able to get to your comments until next week. Our place does have wifi (or so they say), so I’ll still try to get things up on Instagram because I just can’t completely let go.

We head back on Monday, so I probably won’t have a post up until Tuesday or — let’s be serious — Wednesday. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and follow along if you’re interested in whether or not it rains the whole time 🙂

1. Kitchfix Granola

My friends at Kitchfix sent me a ton of granola this week to try out. They are launching several new flavors and I was more than happy to oblige when asked if I would like to sample them. Kitchfix is a take-home healthy food vendor that takes the work out of meal preparation. You simply order your meals online and then pick them up at one of their drop-off locations.

Conveniently, their first store front is located directly upstairs from Sweat, so if you ever head in, make sure to come work out as well!

Kitchfix Granola

2. Dirty Chai Protein Almond Butter

It may not be fair to reuse the same thing from this week’s recipe, but I really am loving the flavor combination of my dirty chai protein almond butter. I usually mix in some pumpkin pie or chai spice normally when I make it, but the addition of the espresso takes it up a notch. If you missed the recipe, head here.

Dirty Chai Almond Butter 4

3. New Zelda Trailer

I certainly don’t play as many video games as I used to, aside from random group adventures with Mario Kart, but one game I will always make time for is Zelda. The Legend of Zelda is by far my favorite video game franchise and I have the phone case, this post, and Neil’s wedding gift of Hyrule Historia to prove it.

I was disappointed with the last game and never finished playing it, but this week Nintendo released the trailer for the next game in the series and it looks magical.

4. DAVID’s Tea Birthday Cake Flavor

If you’ve been following along, you know that I like to mix two flavors of DAVID’s Tea together to enjoy every day. The one staple is Saigon Chai and the second has been revolving as I wait for the holidays to come back to reunite me with my beloved Cardamom French Toast.

No one flavor has made it to a second rotation, but this one may be as close as it gets. The birthday cake flavor adds just enough sweetness to mix with the spice of the chai and it smells delicious. I also just read on this picture that it contains dairy, but so far my stomach seems to be cool with it.

Birthday Cake David's Tea

5. New Workspace

One of the buildings I am working at with Benefitness has one of the most beautiful places to hang out and work. The high rise is only about a year old, so everything is new and modern. I hold a weekly exercise class on the terrace, which has tons of sitting area, great views, and several outdoor grills for residents to use.

The inside area on the fitness level is gorgeous and has tons of space for me to sit and get work done. I’ve started bringing my laptop with me for a change of scenery, even though I still feel like I get the most done at home on my computer. Does anyone else have problems working in a different space?

Workspace Chicago


That’s all I’ve got for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!


  • What’s one thing you are loving this week?
  • What are you doing this weekend?


23 comments on “Five Things Friday #91

    1. Thanks girl! So far today has been overcast but I think that’s good bc I don’t know how to restrain myself in the sun

  1. So jealous of your vacation, have a great time! That outdoor space looks amazing!! This week, I’ve been loving my new tattoo!! As for this weekend, my plan is to relax Saturday and celebrate Father’s day with my family Sunday. TGIF…it’s been a long week!

    1. It’s pretty delicious. So far today is overcast but I’m hoping for some sun this weekend!

    1. So far so good! I teach at two corporate locations and then at the pictured building I teach some rooftop tabata classes.

  2. Woah that space is NICE! And how do you find all these unique foods? I think you must be one of the most adventurous eaters. 🙂 I need to try that chai almond butter, because you definitely can’t buy a flavor like that yet. And that Kitchfix granola? YUMMM!!! Have you had Purely Elizabeth? How does it compare?
    Emily recently posted…Coconut Flour Banana Breakfast Cake (Guest Post)My Profile

    1. Same for me. That building is so beautiful! Let me know if you make that almond butter…it’s magical!

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