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Five Things Friday #98

Hello and happy Friday!

Remember last week’s post where I included my new personal training specialization? Well the textbook is still sitting in the same place I took the picture. Whoops. I need to figure out a schedule for getting that taken care of!

This week has been good and I have another lazy weekend ahead minus teaching two classes tomorrow. Let me know what you guys are up to in the comments!

Without further ado, here are my favorite things from this week!

1. Squarebar

I was sent a sample pack of Squarebars from Square Organics, which I was happy to accept and devour since I have seen them all over the internet. I didn’t have any expectations aside from the fact that people seem to love them, and you can now add me to that list.

They are gluten, dairy, and soy-free, as well as vegan for those of you who have dietary restrictions. They come in a ton of flavors, taste delicious, and include plant protein as well! My only caution is that they are all coated in chocolate, which makes them more of a “dessert” protein bar for me. I like them as a healthier treat, but not something I would have every day.


2. Supoon

*afilliate link

I first wrote about the Supoon MANY moons ago in the early years of this blog. Neil and I use it all the time, but it finally started to break down a bit in the past couple weeks. I ordered a fancy new orange one and realized a lot of you probably never saw me express my love for it before.

Supoon stands for Sit Up Scraping Spoon. It is made of silicone and acts like both a spoon and spatula all in one. I use it to get every last bit of nut butter out of my food processor when I’m transferring it to a container and Neil uses it daily to eat PB out of the jar. It scrapes the sides so amazingly that the jar I just threw out was completely clean.

Dreamfarm Supoon

It’s also great because when I’m making almond butter, I usually scrape down the sides and then place the spoon on the counter. Normally this leaves a huge mess, but this spoon sits up off the counter so food doesn’t get on it and vice versa. MAGIC.

This is a mini supoon, but there is also a larger one and a million other incredible products to check out from Dreamfarm.

Dreamfarm Supoon 2

3. Cashew Butter

I ordered a large number of cashews through my partnership with NOW Foods and during a slow part of my day yesterday I decided to whip up some cashew butter. It’s so delicious and faster than almond butter that from the time I thought about making it to the time it was done only about 15 min had passed.

I forgot how creamy and delicious cashew butter is. I added some special ingredients, so I may post the recipe on here sometime next week!

Cashew Butter

4. Love Grown Foods Oatmeal Muffin

I took home a bunch of these microwaveable single-serving oatmeal cups from Fitbloggin’ and then discovered a GENIUS way to eat them. Granted, they told me on the container, but still.

All you  have to do is mix in 1 Tbsp water or milk + 1 egg and then microwave for 60-90 seconds. I did mine for 80 and then slathered homemade almond butter on it and I had my own little oatmeal muffin!

Aside from creating AWESOME ways to eat oatmeal, Love Grown Foods makes a lot of delicious products and is a great line for those people with gluten issues (many of their products are GF). I’ve been eating at least one of these muffins every day.

Love Grown Oatmeal Muffin

5. Instagram Stories

Sooooo I never got Snapchat because I knew that my life would become a bottomless pit of social media. Then IG came out with Instagram stories this week and it’s basically Snapchat integrated into Instagram (for those people who don’t spend their whole lives keeping up to date on social media like me).

You can record quick videos, add text, and share what’s going on in your life in 24 hour increments, at which point the video/picture will disappear. I’ve recorded a couple (sweet screenshot from one below), and I’m going to try as hard as I can to not spend 23.5 hours a day on IG.

If you don’t already, make sure you follow me on Instagram so that you can not only see delicious pictures of food, but also absurd videos where I try and force Neil into videos and other nonsense.

Instagram Stories

That’s all I’ve got for this week, so check back on Monday and have a great weekend!


  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • What’s one of your favorite things from this week?

32 comments on “Five Things Friday #98

    1. Every time I have one from the store I’m like ew. Haha so pretentious. And I watched yours like 3 times yesterday I’m such a weirdo. Come visit!!

  1. I only use snapchat for my personal life and I’m glad I didn’t start incorporating it into my business/blog life- ugh so much social media in my life already but I guess I will start learning this one. Love Grown Foods make some of my favorite products- I’ll have to try that muffin trick, yum! Happy Friday!
    Dietitian Jess recently posted…Favorite Things FridayMy Profile

  2. I just got on snapchat, now instagram has new features, it’s so hard to keep up!!! And props to you for making your own nut butters, I always want to try but it’s just so much easier buying the jar! Have a great weekend!

  3. I think I’m going to jump on the Insta-stories soon. If I can do all of my social media-ing from one platform, the better! Plus I feel like Insta is more personal, ya know?

    Love Grown Foods is so awesome – I definitely made myself a Power-Os topped smoothie bowl for dinner last night! 🙂
    Jo @ Living Mint Green recently posted…Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

  4. Personally LOVE that IG has stories now. Not everything is IG worthy, but it’s convenient to have it all in one place!

  5. square bars are amazinggg! love those and perfect bars so much 🙂 Cashew butter is so good too. Oh, and I need to try that muffin recipe with the love grown oats! what a good idea. Happy Friday!
    Alyssa recently posted…Top 3 Friday 8/5/16 My Profile

    1. It’s super quick and a good way to mix up oat eating. Haha I’m glad you love everything on this list 🙂

  6. I am so excited about the mini supoon! I did read your blog way back when and also bought the first one you wrote about–but it’s a bit big–this small one will be perfect for all the nutter butter making over here! And can’t wait to hear what you added to the cashew butter–I have made before and don’t love it yet–obsessed with almond and peanut butter at this point!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Lauren recently posted…Friday Favorites–But on a Monday!My Profile

    1. Ahhh you read the original one?! That’s amazing! Yeah I’ll post the recipe next week don’t worry 🙂

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