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Five Things Friday #102

Hello friends!

I just realized that Monday is Labor Day and that I might have a completely free day. There are two clients I need to double check with, but I’m thisclose to getting a three day weekend, which would be GLORIOUS. My weekends for the past couple months have either had me working a bit or traveling, so to be able to do nothing in my own home is something I’m really looking forward to. I’m also aware of the speed issues the site is still having, so calling my hosting provider is also on my list. Grr.

In regards to yesterday’s post, a couple people asked if everything was alright. I’m super, but just had the idea for it after talking to some people who repeatedly were having trouble making changes. I realize it could have been construed as applying to my own life as well, but I’m doing great, I’m not in any level of pain (except from too many desserts), and just felt like it would be helpful to anyone in that situation. Thanks for looking out friends!

OH! I do have one thing on my agenda this weekend and that is to attend a mermaid swim lesson on Sunday. Yes, you heard correctly. I will be donning an extravagant tail and learning to swim like my spirit animal (person?) Ariel. If you want some behind the scenes looks, check out my IG stories on Sunday. I’ll recap it for you on Monday because it will be GLORIOUS.

1. Fall Candles

I went into Bath and Body Works last weekend because they have some of my favorite candles ever. I saw that they had a lot of their fall scents available and I immediately wanted all of them.

I lucked out because I accosted the sales guy and forced him to tell me when they would be going on sale, to which he coyly replied “are you going to be around tomorrow?” He then came up later as I was still nose-deep in scents and told me if I really wanted any to just get them that day and he would hook me up with the 50% off discount. AHHHH.

I was responsible and only grabbed two, but I’m excited about both. I’m waiting to light the Autumn one until it cools down just a bit more, but the Bergamot Waters has been on high all week. I noticed that it smells almost identical to Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue scent, which I used to wear and now I hate when I smell it on someone else, but in candle form it’s actually quite refreshing.

Bath and Body Works Candles

2. Blissful Eats Granola

My friend Jess sent me some Blissful Eats granola after I told her I had never tried it. It’s been making its rounds in the blogger and internet world, so I was eager to test it out.

At first it confused me. I think I have to get used to the taste of sunflower seed butter (especially since I’m planning on making some soon), but I really liked the chewy consistency. I tried it again a couple days later and it’s definitely growing on me. In fact, I’m actually eating it right now. 🙂

I’m interested to see how many of you have tried and and what flavors are your favorites!

Blissful Eats Granola

3. The Night Of

OMG I could write a whole post on this. I watched the entire season (only 8 episodes) last weekend and it’s stuck with me ever since. From the HBO website:

The Night Of is an eight-part limited series that delves into the intricate story of a fictitious murder case in New York City. The series follows the police investigation and legal proceedings, all the while examining the criminal justice system and the purgatory of Rikers Island, where the accused awaits his trial.

I’m not even sure where to start. I love the storyline, I love the character development, and I especially love the cinematography. I’m not normally one to sing praises of the beauty of a show, but some of the shots are amazing and I actually really loved the opening credits every time.

This show made me feel a lot of emotions and I drew parallels between the main character and myself. No, I was not falsely accused of murder, but I was a straight-laced kid who ended up serving jail time — something not anticipated when I imagined my life. There were more instances that brought up emotions for me, but I don’t want to give too much away. Even if you can’t relate, it’s just a really good show all around and you should watch it yesterday.

The Night Of HBO


4. Fresh Herbs

One of the buildings where I teach is a residential apartment building. On the terrace, which I showed you in this post, there is a community herb garden with every type of herb imaginable. Oftentimes in the lobby there will be bags of fresh herbs for the taking and even if I don’t always know what to do with them, I grab a bunch and relish in my luck.

Since I’m already known to put basil in my smoothies, I tried doing the same with this rosemary I got the other day. Result: it was delicious.


5. Lululemon Free to Be Sports Bra

I really like these sports bras because they are cute and have the perfect amount of support for me (read: not a whole lot). I’ve also started leaning towards bras that have minimal padding in them, so the free cups you can get from the store have been great in these.

Here is a link to the actual Lulu site, but I got these and almost all my Lulu clothes from an app called Mercari. It’s a resale app where you can find tons of stuff at super cheap prices. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can use my referral code (RDTFCD) to get $2 towards your first purchase (as will I). Not a lot, but better than $0.

Lululemon Sport Bra

Also, I want to finish off by wishing a very happy birthday to my sister Jackie today!

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and I’ll catch up with you on Monday!


  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?
  • Any weekend plans?

30 comments on “Five Things Friday #102

  1. I’m gonna have to call you on my paw phone later. I’m upset you didn’t list Jackie as one of your five fave things this week.

  2. oooo i loved this post!! so many comments to add! haha.
    i am going to BABW after work today to check out these candles cause I miss that smell so much, and i lovee when they do 50%. Sorry but $25 for a candle is WAY TOO MUCH.
    i’ve also never tried the Blissful Eats granola. Does that mean i am not a good blogger?
    Aaaaand i am going to try to illegally download that tv show because we do not have HBO but it sounds pretty freaking awesome! Plus the cover looks intense
    Beverley @ Born to Sweat recently posted…August Love + Thoughts on the VMA’sMy Profile

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one obsessed with fall candles. I have yet to make it out to BBW to smell some scents & splurge on the million candles I love though. I’ll have to smell those two that you mentioned. 50% is AMAZING!

    Also, The Night Of – I only got through 1 episode before my brother shut off his HBO subscription for the year (GOT is over for the year…) I am so upset because I swear I was hooked almost immediately. I totally agree about it being so beautifully shot. Hopefully I can find a month free subscription or something & just binge it.

    Hope you get a 3 day weekend!

    1. Ahhhh oh no! It’s on HBO now and you can sign up for a free month if you aren’t already a member. That’s what we had to do to see the last episode!

  4. I’m the sales rep for Blissful Eats and I’m so happy you like our product! Unfortunately the No Nutty and the Chocolate are going out of stock, but they are 50% off now if you hurry. My favorite is the Maple Nut!
    I love those bras, I’m definitely going to check those out. I hope you have a 3 day weekend Erin! You deserve it 🙂

  5. How is summer already over? I too went and picked up some new candles and scents at Bath & Body and was made that Cider Lane only came in a candle. We did get a couple pumpkin but was thinking they were a little too sweet or the overly cinnamon ones that are more wintry. Why must they keep changing my favs? Also loving the fresh herbs seriously can’t get enough cilantro and rosemary right now, the rosemary my oldest daughter is obsessed with. Still need to try that granola!!

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