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A Probiotic Option with Smarty Pants Vitamins

This post is sponsored by Smarty Pants Vitamins. All opinions are my own!

If you follow me on social media, you’re probably pretty aware of my love for kombucha. I drink it every day like it’s going out of style and this weekend I started brewing my own so I don’t spend our life savings on a beverage (no matter how good it is for you).

I like it for the carbonation and the flavors, but more importantly, it’s BANGIN’ for my gut. It is a probiotic beverage containing enzymes that help support the health and natural balance of the intestinal system. There are conflicting views about it’s efficacy, but I love it, I feel better when I drink it, and my stomach is happy.

Some people can’t stand the taste of it, however. For those people, the taste + drinking a clumpy, living organism maaaaaay cause them to steer clear. I can totally understand that.

When Smarty Pants asked me if I would be willing to try out their new probiotic gummies, I immediately agreed. I’d seen their other vitamin varieties featured before and figured I would GO HARD OR GO HOME with the probiotics. So if you hate kombucha or other fermented foods, but want to show some love to that gut, read on!

Smarty Pants Probiotics

First off, let’s keep in mind that I am not a doctor, I am not telling everyone to douse themselves with probiotics immediately, and what may work for me may not work for you. This is simply my experience.

Their new line of probiotic gummies come in two flavors — blueberry (which I sampled) and lemon creme. They use only premium ingredients and contain seven million CFU’s (colony-forming units), which is seven times more than any other gummy probiotic product on the market.

Another thing that sets these apart from regular probiotics is that they also contain PREbiotics which help feed the probiotics and offer extra nourishment and protection of the immune system. This means your immune system is primed and ready for attack if sickness comes your way (yes please during this season change).


Smarty Pants also makes a ton of other vitamin options, which you can find on their website. These were delicious. Almost too delicious for my dessert-loving self. They tasted like candy and I had to put them away so I wouldn’t “accidentally” eat more. Could be an issue with kids, so if you’re an adult (why would a kid be reading this?), I’d keep them out of reach of little ones. In my case, Neil.

Smarty Pants Probiotics 3

I’ve been taking them in the morning and my stomach has been handling them quite well.  Certain foods can cause my stomach to puff up a bit (hello raw milk), but I’ve been tolerating these just fine and everything seems to be going well in the intestinal department. 🙂

These gummies, in addition to giving your gut lots of love, are also vegetarian and non-GMO. They are free of many common allergens, random preservatives, and weird ingredients that you can find in other vitamins and processed foods. As you can see from the bottle below, they also have a 99% survivability, meaning that the way they are encapsulated protects them from the acid in the stomach so that 99% of the active ingredients are able to make it to the intestines where they need to be. The pharmacy nerd in me is very excited by this.

Smarty Pants Probiotics 2

I also love companies that give back. For every bottle sold, they make a one-for-one nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels, which provides a child in need with life-changing vitamin A supplementation for one year. So far, they’ve been able to help over 2 million children. Love.

These probiotic gummies are available for both adults and children, and I’ve been really happy with my experience with them so far. Let me know in the comments whether you have tried them or what other products you use to support intestinal health!


  • Have you had any Smarty Pants vitamins?
  • How do you take care of your intestinal health?

10 comments on “A Probiotic Option with Smarty Pants Vitamins

  1. I’ve taken these probiotics before and they were helpful. I’m just trying to avoid sugar in my diet and it’s the first ingredient in these. Maybe they have some with Stevia or will soon so I can try them again.

  2. I’ve taken a daily probiotic for the past 17 years, & I firmly believe it had not only helped my gut, but has bolstered my immune system. I so rarely get sick even when exposed to those with colds & such.

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