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Weekends are for Recharging

I sat down to write this post and realized I had basically no pictures from this weekend. On one hand, that can make for a lackluster post, but on the other, it’s usually always because I spent time relaxing and recharging for the week ahead.

I did a pretty good amount of stuff this weekend, but it all revolved around the home and the heart. I spent time with Neil, I cleaned (which has become more relaxing as I get older), and of course played around with food.

You’ve got this secret recipe coming at you later this week 🙂

Recipe Testing

On Saturday I started sprouting some alfalfa seeds so I can toss them into meals I have at home. I started making my own kombucha (!) which will probably save me a couple hundred dollars a month (I have a problem). I’ll keep you updated.


The weather was perfect and I absolutely love this time of year where I can still open the windows but not freeze to death. The humidity is gone, the air is crisp, and I absolutely love it.

Sunday I did have to leave to teach a class and caught parts of the Chicago Marathon going on around me. Congrats to everyone who ran! Sundays in the fall and into the winter are my favorite because Neil watches football all day long and I usually end up making foods and puttering around most of the day. It’s been our arrangement since we started dating and I love having that time to myself and being able to just relax.

What I’ve discovered is that my weekends are crucial for me to reset and decompress. I need to sleep in (even if that’s only until like 7 am), I need to start slowly since most weekday mornings are up and out of the house, and I can’t pack too many activities into Saturday and Sunday.

If I’m not able to relax and reset, I feel stressed and overwhelmed during the week. This post isn’t very long today because I don’t have much to recap and I want to ask you what are some of your ways to relax and recharge? How do you use your weekends?

I hope everyone had a great one and I’ll see you later this week!


  • What did you do this weekend?
  • How do you recharge?
  • What’s the best thing you ate?

18 comments on “Weekends are for Recharging

  1. I am with you there 100%, and I also feel Susie’s challenge. Last week I was just stretched so thin, and right now I have to take a blog break just to kind of refresh and recharge. The weekend was like an extra cherry on top in terms of recharge time. I’m feeling really refreshed already, but I’m still going to take a bit more time off the blog and just read other blogs and drool over your nut butter creations.
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  2. Erin! It was so windy and cold and rainy on Saturday that just the thought of going out brought shivers down my spine. I have a super really huge massive hard time doing nothing but Saturday was a day where I really just forced myself to STAY HOME. AND DO NOTHING. It was bliss. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need to do shit that we don’t like doing. My body thanks me now that it’s Tuesday and it’s a gong show all over again.
    Suzy recently posted…Take the First StallMy Profile

    1. That sounds so magical. I love being inside when the weather is like that outside. Good thing you stayed home!

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