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Five Things Friday #112

It’s weird — you’d think this week would have flown by for me considering I was out of town on Monday. Instead, I kept thinking it was a day later. I told people in my Thursday class to have a nice weekend and couldn’t figure out what was going on for the life of me. HA.

Now it’s ACTUALLY Friday and I’m pumped for another relaxing weekend. I have a couple things to do, but I have a feeling a lot of it is going to be on the couch or puttering in the kitchen. I also don’t normally post on the weekend, but I have a special workout post planned for tomorrow if you want to check it out!

Without further ado, here’s what I’m loving this week!  *books are affiliate links

1. Love Warrior

My sister in law pre-ordered me a signed copy of this book since Glennon’s (we are on a first name basis) blog and previous book are something we’ve shared a lot. Her second book, Love Warrior, is a chronicle of her marriage, how it almost fell apart, and how they worked together to try and repair it. (Sidenote: after the book was published they officially separated and are currently seeing other people, but the story is important regardless of the outcome).

I’ve had it since September, but it’s been sitting on my nightstand because I wasn’t emotionally ready to read it yet. I knew it would bring up a lot of what I went through last summer when Neil and I almost separated and I simply waited for a time that felt right to dive in.

Last Friday I sat down and read it straight through — finishing in 4.5 hours. It definitely brought up a lot of feelings and there was a lot on her end that I could relate to, but I’m glad I read it. I’ve always loved her writing and maybe someday I’ll be able to help others the same way she does 🙂

Love Warrior

2. Dick Taylor Chocolate

From feelings to chocolate; that seems like a good segue. Ever since I went on that chocolate tour, I’ve been scoping out fancy, fair-trade chocolates with the bare minimum of ingredients. I bought another type of Dick Taylor chocolate on the tour and picked this one up at Plum Market this week. It’s dark chocolate with sea salt and it’s so good. I only wish these bars weren’t $8 a piece. Yikes.

Dick Taylor Chocolate

3. Holey Spadle

The lovely folks at Dreamfarm (makers of my beloved supoon) sent me one of their newer products — the holey spadle. The handle twists so that you can use it either as a pasta server or a ladle, with both options straining any liquid you may want to remove. If you want a non-straining option, you can purchase their regular spadle which doesn’t have the holes. Either way, they’re both amazing and great quality!

Holey Spadle


Holey Spadle


Holey Spadle 3

4. Qoya

Apparently I am on a book binge lately. I also finished up this book about Qoya that my friend let me borrow. Qoya is “a movement system designed to help women feel good in their bodies.” It’s a combination of yoga, dance, and finding freedom that we often stunt ourselves from experiencing.

I liked the book because it was told from a first person narrative that outlined several of her life experiences and how Qoya came to be. It was a great reminder that I often make myself too busy to actually connect with my body about what’s going on in life. I always believe that my intuition is important for me to listen to, and this book helps focus on ways to trust it even more.

I didn’t do the exercises found in the book, but the words themselves were powerful enough to help draw my attention to certain areas of my life that I often neglect.


5. Butter Coffee

As I mentioned in my Austin recap, I stopped at Picnik in Austin to try out their butter coffee. I’ve also been seeing it all over the place on social media and it keeps making me want to drink it. Ahh the power of advertising. 🙂

I have a place in Chicago to grab some and then I may also try making some at home, although I don’t have any coffee here. I don’t think I’ll make it a regular thing since I still love my tea so much, but I’ve been craving it and may grab some later today.

Butter Coffee

That’s it for this week friends — remember to check out the blog tomorrow for a workout and on Monday for a recap of this weekend. Enjoy your day!!


  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?
  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • What’s the last good book you read?

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  1. I still haven’t tried butter coffee. I drink green tea daily and finally got over my coffee addiction (was way too much) so I don’t want to get hooked on butter coffee. I attended an online fat summit all last week, where bulletproof coffee was discussed ad nauseum, so I may have to at least try it–some day.

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