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Five Things Friday #114

Happy Friday friends!

I felt like this week might feel a little slower considering it was right after the holiday, but I feel like it actually went pretty fast. Today is nice and short and then it’s time to get ready for the WEEKEND…where I will be doing a whole lot of nothing. Perfection.

Let’s hop right into this week’s list of favorite things!

1. 24 Days of Tea from DAVID’s Tea

I write about this every year, but it’s one of my favorite things at the holidays. Every year, DAVID’s puts out their “24 Days of Tea,” an advent calendar made with tea. There are 24 different teas — one for each day leading up to Christmas — and I LOVE it. ALL TEA ALL DAY.

24 Days of Tea

2. BOSU Ball

Last month I wrote a post about BOSU’s Build Your Own BOSU campaign, which allows you to customize your ball with both the rim and dome colors. I’ve loved having it around the house and the opportunity to use it with clients that I train here in the building. I wouldn’t carry it with me all over the city, but it’s super convenient when I’m close by.

If you’re looking for a good fitness gift this season, I’d definitely recommend the BOSU as a staple piece of fitness equipment!


3. Califia Farms Almond Milk Eggnog

So I had seen this Almond Milk Eggnog from Califia Farms all over social media and was willing to give it a try considering how much I love regular eggnog. My first impression upon opening it was that it smelled just like eggnog which was great. Since it’s almond milk, it was thinner than regular eggnog, which I think threw me off. I thought it was justΒ ok, but then I drank some more and realized it was really good for what it was — almond milk eggnog.

I’ve been drinking it as an eggnog butter latte with the addition of a little grass-fed butter and that definitely makes it taste amazing. I’d try it out for sure if you’re avoiding dairy but want to drink ALL THE EGGNOG.

Califia Farms Eggnog

4. Rosemary Tree from Trader Joe’s

I also write about this every year, but this week I found my favorite rosemary tree was back at Trader Joe’s. As the name suggests, it’s a mini tree made of rosemary that I like to keep in the kitchen. It smells great and I’ll use it in smoothies and cooking when I actually get my butt in gear and make a real dinner.

Rosemary Tree

5. Carly

I’ve written about Carly tons, but since I moved from Virginia I’ve only been able to see her once when our paths crossed in San Francisco. Her and her husband Justin stopped in Chicago on their epic road trip back to the East coast and stayed with us on Thursday night. It was great being able to catch up, eat copious amounts of pizza, and explore Chicago through fresh eyes.


Hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend. Stay warm!


  • What are some of your favorite things from this week?
  • What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. I bought the rosemary tree from Trader Joe’s, mostly because how cute it is! It will definitely get me using rosemary in more of my recipes for the next couple months. I’m a new blogger and love your page! Good Stuff πŸ™‚

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