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Five Things Friday #117

It’s crazy. This is the second to last Five Things Friday post for the year. Whew!

So today I am officially OFF. I may work on a recipe for next week, but I don’t have to go anywhere if I don’t want to and can stay in my sweatpants all day. My favorite kind of day. We are spending Christmas here in Chicago since we try and avoid holiday travel, but will probably see our families throughout the year next year.

I have to teach two classes tomorrow morning, but I’ll be done by 9:30 am and off to spend the rest of the day wrapping presents and trying to keep Neil away from opening them all. To celebrate the end of a short week, let’s see some of my favorites from it!

1. Naturally Nutty Sunflower Butter

Ok, so I know that I ranted about how much I don’t like sunflower butter. Maybe the ones I’ve made on my own are just not good enough or maybe I need to add flavors to it, but this one by Naturally Nutty is actually pretty good.

It’s cinnamon vanilla flavored and also contains chia, hemp, and flax. There’s no additional oil which is a MUST for me because there’s just no need to add it when nuts and seeds already have it naturally. I’ve been eating it every morning (sometimes also night) on delicious English muffins and I’m glad I gave it a shot!

Naturally Nutty Sunflower Butter

2. Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara

I’ve used this mascara for YEARS. I decided to include it this week because I’m not sure that I’ve talked about it before and I just picked up some more. I love it because it comes in a mini size as well, which is the one that I buy. I find that when I buy full-size mascaras, they always dry out before I’m close to finishing them.

It’s my favorite mascara but I’m always interested in what brands you guys love, so let me know your favorite in the comments!

Benefit mascara

3. NOW Foods European Clay Mask

No lie, the same day that I went to the Scratch Goods mask bar, I came home to a package from NOW Foods. I had completely forgotten that I ordered this clay mask, so I was super excited now that I had just learned all about them.

I used it last Sunday and it did a serious job on my skin. What I also learned from the mask bar is that you don’t only have to use water to mix with the clay. Next time, I may try some juice from Trader Joe’s (the more natural the better), or even some coffee like they used as an option.

Now I really want a paintbrush for putting on masks. I found an old makeup brush to use this last time, but it wasn’t quite stiff enough. Maybe I’ll ask Santa as a last minute gift. 🙂

NOW Foods Clay Mask

4. Brand Partnerships

I’ve been incredibly blessed this year to work with some amazing brands. I love their missions, their products, and I only show you things that I know I will use personally. The holidays made me realize how much I love these companies and these partnerships because I’ve received a few unplanned packages to wrap up the year and I really appreciate the relationships I’ve been able to build.

Brand Partnerships

5. Personal Training Clients

I wrote a post recently about things that I’ve learned from clients and I truly have some of the best ones you could ask for. It’s been amazing watching them grow, change, and even ask for burpees when a previous hard NO was given to me on our second session (you know who you are 🙂 ).

I even received a few presents from some which was totally unexpected. You know you have a good relationship when every gift was for food of some kind. Not pictured: Whole Foods gift card because that was spent almost immediately (HA).


That’s it for this week! If you are traveling this weekend I hope you get to your destination safely and whatever you do for the holidays, enjoy every second of it!

As a sidenote, I recently wrote a couple freelance posts about dealing with the stress of the holidays and how to do it with no alcohol (if that applies to you this year). If you’re interested, you can find them here:


  • What are your holiday plans?
  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?


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