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Snow Means Staying Inside

Omg you guys this post is going to be so boring.

I felt like such a lazy bum as I barely changed out of my sleep clothes all weekend. It snowed both days here in Chicago, so I had already planned to coop myself up and enjoy it from where I like it the most — inside.

The snow didn’t start until close to Saturday evening, so for lunch Neil and I drove to get our favorite Indian food in the city. It’s about a 20 min drive, so we don’t get it that often, but we were in the mood and nothing sounded better than warm Indian food and bread while it snowed outside.

For those of you in Chicago, it’s called Ghareeb Nawaz and they are cash-only, open 24 hours, and DELICIOUS. You can get so much food for cheap and it’s all great.

Ghareeb Nawaz

We spent the rest of the day watching movies like Life of Pets and then called it a night. Exhausting.

Sunday I got up about 9 am and made this magical drink of Limitless Coffee (a Chicago company), grass-fed butter, and some milk. Then I topped it with some pumpkin pie spice because I use it on everything I can get my hands on. 🙂

You know that I’m more a tea person these days, but I still drink my fair share of espresso drinks if someone is making them for me. Since I’m a big espresso fan, I brewed the coffee extra strong and I give this two thumbs up.

Limitless Coffee

Neil had a work meeting out in the snow and when he came back he brought me this cookie. It had chocolate chips, marshmallows, and corn flakes. He said he thought it would photograph well and I beamed with pride. HA.

Beatrix Cookie

And that’s where the pictures end. Seriously, so lazy.

While he was gone I whipped up some cashew butter for myself since I FINALLY ate all the sunflower butter and then made some almond butter as part of some Christmas presents for friends. I have more baking to do next weekend to finish it all up, but thankfully I don’t have much more to get done before the holidays!

I did some reading, some napping, and watched a Netflix documentary about a cult which I always find fascinating. I’ve also been watching Leah Remini’s Scientology documentary on A&E since one of my previous jobs was run by Scientologists and I had some interesting experiences — but that’s a story for another day.

Next weekend I do actually have some things on the agenda, so there will be more than three pictures of food to share with you. I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week coming up!


  • What did you do this weekend?
  • What’s the best thing you ate?
  • Do you like to be out in the snow or just watch it from afar?

14 comments on “Snow Means Staying Inside

  1. I’m a sit inside and hide from the cold and snow type of gal. I get so sad when i have to go to work and its snowing and icy and terrible outside…i need to move south! haha!
    Sounds like a lazy but good weekend–we all need those! What cult documentary was it? I love those! Ive been wanting to watch the A&E one too–crazy stuff!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Gifts For the Kids Who Have EverythingMy Profile

  2. There’s a Ghareeb Nawaz near us (by UIC) that I have yet to try out and now you’ve inspired me. I wonder if it’s as good? I’ve been to a few places on Devon (mostly back when I was a Loyola undergrad) and it was so delicious.
    Maggie Wolff recently posted…Training, 12/5 – 12/11My Profile

    1. So I’ve heard that one doesn’t get as good reviews but I’d be interested in seeing what you think if you feel like trying it out!

  3. Ok. So I’m kind of on the same train; last week I wore my PJs for so long during the day, almost an embarrassing amount of time, but the rest and quiet was well needed to get all revved up for another week of work! 🙂

    And that Indian food sounds so good! I love those authentic restaurants that are SUPER tasty and super cheap.
    Emily recently posted…The ULTIMATE Nut Butter Christmas Gift GuideMy Profile

  4. I love that Neil brings you things that will photograph well. Awesome.

    I kind of love your weekend. I’m all about hididng from the snow!

    Ummmm, you’re going to need to share your working for Scientologists story. Like, for real.
    Ange // Cowgirl Runs recently posted…Weekend RecapMy Profile

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