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Five Things Friday #121

Hello and welcome to Friday!

It’s been a good week — half filled with lazing and the other half filled with 12 hour days trying to catch up on everything. I think it balances out in the middle, yes? This weekend I have some plans but nothing too crazy — another workout with friends, some work training, and a belated holiday party. That’s all on Saturday, so I’m going to spend Sunday relaxing for sure.

Here’s a look at some of the things I’ve been loving this week!

1. Baby food

I’ve talked about this before on here, but I go through phases with baby food. The first time was when I traveled with Neil on an extended work trip and we were staying in a hotel for 5 days at a time. We didn’t have a kitchen and didn’t want to buy tons of produce, so we would buy lots of baby food and get our fruits and veggies that way.

Lately, I’ve been buying fruit ones (aren’t these squeeze packs the best??) to have before a workout. They are great since I’m always hungry and give me the energy I need to get through a workout. Afterwards I’m sure to fill up on protein to rebuild the muscle, but quickly-digestible carbs are perfect beforehand.

Baby Food

2. Vacation

I feel like this has to go on the list considering I was there for half of the week. It was so nice to relax and recharge and come back ready to work. Make sure to check out the full recap next week!

Dominican Republic

3. Snap Kitchen

I’ve talked about Snap Kitchen before, but this week I stocked up on some meals since my days are super long and if I didn’t do some advance planning I would just end up eating cereal every night. I really like all their prepared meals and the only modification I have to make is to add a little salt and then everything is perfect. These have been a lifesaver so far.

Snap Kitchen

4. Phyter Bars

So far I’ve only tried this flavor of Phyter Bar, but I saw them in Whole Foods and am intrigued by the flavors they offer. They are full of simple, clean ingredients and I’m interested in trying out some of the other flavors. They¬†are a local Illinois product, so they’re not everywhere (yet). I’ll let you know about the other flavors!

Phyter Bar

5. Blackish

Neil and I started watching Blackish this week and it’s actually really funny. It came on our radar after we watched it win several awards at the Golden Globes, so we gave it a shot. The first couple episodes were ok, but as it went along I found myself laughing out loud at a lot of the jokes. I’d definitely check it out if you’re looking for a comedy to watch.



That’s all I’ve got for this week – let me know what you have planned for the weekend in the comments!!


  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?

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  1. I cant wait to hear about your trip! My niece is obsessed with those pouches she calls them “packs” (shes 2). Some of the flavors are delicious!!
    Does Snap Kitchen also have breakfast foods? One opened up pretty close to me and I’ve been hoping that they have some GF pancakes or something delicious!
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