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Five Things Friday #131

Hello! Happy Friday!

This has been one gray and gloomy week in Chicago. I’m really looking forward to the next four days that I’ll be spending in Arizona where it’s dry, warm, and sunny. If you have any recommendations for the Scottsdale area, let me know!

I’m keeping the intro short and sweet so that we can get into all the delicious things I’ve been loving this week! πŸ™‚

1. Simple Mills Double Chocolate Cookies

I had the Simple Mills cookies when I was at Expo West, and made the mistake of buying more when I got home. They have a chocolate chip and this double chocolate, plus a toasted pecan that I also picked up. Lastly, there’s a cinnamon one, but I’m not huge on cinnamon flavored things.

These cookies are gluten, grain, corn, soy, and dairy-free as well as no gums or emulsifiers. They’re so good. The only dangerous thing about them is that they’re so small I just want to keep eating them.

2. Raw Parsnips and Greek Yogurt

This snack idea was brought about partly from laziness and partly from when I was at a Siggi’s event last year. Siggi said that as a kid he often snacked on raw parsnips and I have to admit that they weren’t terrible to eat — almost sweet at times.

I have a ton of Fage yogurt on hand — my favorite brand of Greek yogurt — and decided to have some for a snack earlier this week. I had originally cut up the parsnips to roast them, but figured I could eat them faster if I just went this route. Two thumbs up!

3. Bath & Body Works Room Sprays

I’m more of a candle girl when it comes down to it, but when I stopped in the store last week I just wasn’t feeling any of them (plus I have 21354568 in my linen closet). I decided to grab a couple of these room sprays to freshen up the house now thatΒ the temperatures are slowly starting to warm up.

I love the eucalyptus one for the bed and after I do laundry and I’ll spray the gardenia one when the sun is out and I want to pretend it’s warm. We have a pretty small space, so just keep in mind that these are concentrated scents and a little goes a long way!

4. Chicken Sausage at True Food Kitchen

OMG you guys. I went to TFK last weekend and it was the first time I had had their chicken sausage. I don’t even like sausage normally, but this was so flavorful that it’s all I wanted to eat. I got it on top of my garden scramble and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

5. Wolferman’s English Muffins

Apparently these Wolferman’s English muffins are famous, although I didn’t remember knowing about them until I was sent some to try. (My mother then informed me that she used to buy them when I was a kid…whoops).

Now I LOVE Rudi’s English muffins and that will not change, but these are also really good. I finished off the sourdough package and have a couple more to get through. They’re super thick and one of my favorite things to have in the evenings before bed with some almond butter and cherry jelly. They’re not as good for you as Rudi’s, so I probably wouldn’t buy them regularly (plus you can only order online), but I definitely recommend them as my second favorite brand!

That’s all I’ve got for this week — I will try and stay up to date with posting for next week but may miss a day or two. Follow along with me in AZ on Instagram and have a great weekend!


  • What are you loving this week?
  • What are you doing this weekend?


18 comments on “Five Things Friday #131

  1. I so look forward to this every Friday. I’ve discovered countless snacks and other things to try from you. This actually made me laugh out loud – I had originally cut up the parsnips to roast them, but figured I could eat them faster if I just went this route. Love your blog and your sense of humor. Looking forward to more yummy discoveries 😊

    1. Aw thanks Mallory! I’m glad they’ve been informative! And the laziness struggle is too real πŸ™‚

  2. OH YUMMY! Those English muffins sound so good; I’ve only ever had Thomas’s English Muffins, but you have me intrigued now about Wolferman’s and Rudi’s. Almond Butter + Cherry Jam are the perfect toppings.

    Also, I saw another Instagrammer that I love share those Chocolate Chip Cookies; I love that you shared them as a favorite too; I’m going to have to try them some time.

    These posts are so fun, because they have so many good ideas Erin! Thanks.
    Emily recently posted…What a Week of Snowboarding Taught Me (Week In Review)My Profile

    1. Thanks Emily! Yeah the cookies are so good and so are the English muffins. I wish I could eat them all day πŸ™‚

  3. I love your Five Things Friday. Those cookies look awesome. This weekend will start with an early morning run, work, movies tomorrow evening then church and chill on Sunday. Have a great weekend x

  4. OMG….I live in Scottsdale! Come to a Flywheel class this weekend…(I work there)!!!

    Happy to give any suggestions–but am sure Megan has you covered!

    1. Awww snap! Once we get there today we will figure out the plans w everyone and if I can make it I will. Not sure what everyone will want to do. Thank you!!

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