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Five Things Friday #136

Happy Friday friends!

Coming to you from Salt Lake City and the Everything Food Conference! I got in yesterday and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. It’s reminiscent of my stay in Arizona where the sun was out but there was no humidity. I’m obsessed.

I’m staying with Ashley, Kelsey, and Chrissa until Sunday and then head back to Chicago. The actual sessions start today and I plan to write up a recap next week. Stay tuned. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week (add the weather here as #6). I’m off to hunt for donuts.

1. Hi I’m Skinny Snacks

I’m working with Hi I’m Skinny on an Instagram campaign this month, so they sent me an assortment of their snacks to try. I tried the ones below when I was at Expo West and really liked them even though I’m not really a salty, crunchy snack person.

They’re made with whole grains and come in a variety of flavors (sweet potato is next on my list). If you’re someone who likes chips or savory snacks, I’d definitely recommend grabbing a bag of these if you see them!

2. Pecksniff’s Soap

While I was in NYC last weekend, I fell in love with this soap and lotion combo that Neil’s cousin had. I normally feel like she is a very fancy person, so I assumed it was some random, expensive combo. When I asked her about them she said she had gotten them at Marshall’s. HA.

I live a block away from a Marshall’s and always forget how amazing it is. I went there literally the day after I got back and found the same brand — Pecksniff’s. I am obsessed with this soap scent but really wish it was a body wash, something I also got from the same brand. I literally want to smell like this soap forever in all aspects of my day.

3. Google Home

I’m also doing some Instagram work that involves this Google Home and I’ve been loving it so far this week. First off, I love the way it looks way better than the Alexa. Secondly, I like talking to it and asking it what the weather will be since Neil and I always ask each other and then have to look at our phones.

The other night I asked it to play acoustic music and it found this acoustic covers playlist that was AMAZING. Good job Google.

4. Hu Kitchen Chocolate

I shared some about this in my weekend recap, but I’ve been working on this chocolate all week. I also realized while cleaning up that I have an entire container dedicated to chocolate that I may need to work my way through before buying anymore.

5. Allbirds

My friend Jess told me about these Allbirds shoes when she visited a few weekends ago and shortly after that I saw them EVERYWHERE. Then Neil told me he needed new sneakers so basically it was a sign to buy us both a pair. I received them the day I left for NYC and wore them the entire time and they are so comfortable.

They’re lightweight, wool, and you can throw them in the washer no problem. They’re super comfortable and I’m wearing them every chance I get.


That’s it my friends! I fly back to Chicago on Sunday and don’t have any more travel until June when we have a wedding in NJ. That means I will be able to spend weekends at home and it will be GLORIOUS.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch up with you guys on Monday!

10 comments on “Five Things Friday #136

  1. Those shoes look awesome, might need a pair for my next journey into Europe.
    I have no idea what google home is but I feel like I need to!!
    Those snacks look yummy but the name makes me cringe!!! Why are we still labeling food skinny?! Gah I hate it!

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