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Five Things Friday #137

Happy Friday!

It’s so confusing to me that it stays light for so long now. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not used to it because it’s still jacket weather outside. I’m writing this on Thursday night and I glance down to see it’s already 7 pm. The sun is shining and I’m still taking pictures. I love it.

This week’s Five Things Friday actually isn’t 100% food which is miraculous. Hopefully some of you who aren’t as food obsessed as me will get some inspiration from the other items. 🙂

This weekend will be my first weekend without travel in three weeks. It’s going to be glorious. I’m most looking forward to waking up in my bed and not having to get out of it. I love waking up and lazing around on my phone catching up on social media and virtually hanging with all my friends from the comfort of my giant comforter. It’s going to be amazing.

Without further ado, here’s what I’m loving this week.

1. New boots

My shoe collection is pretty pathetic. When I was younger, I was all about fashion, buying everything boho chic (it was in at the time) and on top of my game. Now that I’m technically an adult, I don’t know how to dress. My job doesn’t make it any easier since work attire consists of either sweatpants or exercise clothes.

I only recognize this as a problem when I have rare events where I need to wear adult clothes. Of course then it’s too late and I try and make a mental note that I need to go shopping. Then I forget. My shoes currently range from flip flops and sneakers to stiletto boots. There’s no in between.

One of my friends is very fashionable and helped me figure out what I’m supposed to wear. The answer is these boots. I bought them when I was in Utah and they’re AWESOME.

2. Cocoa & Co.

You may have seen on my IG stories, but Wednesday I went to a tasting at Cocoa and Co. here in Chicago. First of all, I was mad at myself for not knowing this place existed (it just turned two). Second of all, I forgot about that after spending 90 min learning about chocolate and spending too much money on more.

If you’re in Chicago, you NEED to go here. There are pastries, chocolates (duh), coffees, drinking chocolates, and more. The owner Kim is so knowledgeable about chocolate and curates only the best products for the store. Seriously. I can’t recommend this place enough and I think I may be going back this weekend. 🙂

3. Fohr Card’s Instagram Tool

I’ve been on Fohr Card for a couple years now and I tend to forget about it until something reminds me and I log in again. Fohr Card is a site that helps match brands and influencers. I don’t frequent it as often because a lot of the brands are fashion-focused, but it has great analytics for all of your social media accounts.

Within the last week or two, they created a new tool for IG that analyzes your followers and is able to tell you what percentage of them are robots vs. authentic. For some reason it looks like it is still analyzing mine, but when I checked the other day it said I had a 99% authentic following. I’ll take it.

I think this is going to be an important tool for brands in order to show that your following is authentic vs. paid and a great way for influencers to show they have good engagement even if they have a lower number of followers.

4. Daniel Wellington Watch

I’m trying to work on my watch game. I’m usually good with my phone, but I like the way these watches look for when I actually have to dress normally (oh hey boots). They have a ton to choose from, but I really like the simplicity of this one.

If you’re in the market for a new watch, using the code ERINSINSIDEJOB will get you 15% off.

5. Podcasts

Ok I think this was on a previous Five Things Friday, but I’m actually listening to more podcasts. I was NOT a fan for a long time, but after some friends of mine have been on, I’ve gotten more wrapped up in them as I listen to their episodes. I walk around so much in the city that I can easily finish an episode going to and from a client.

As a side note, this seems to be podcast month for me. I have done a number in the past, but it had been awhile since I did any and I was finally able to speak on things like blogging and freelancing which I think is way more interesting than just sharing my addiction journey.

If you’re interested in listening, here are some links:

I’m also taping an episode with my friend Davida for her podcast, That’s So Maven, next week so I will share that when it’s live. #podcastlife

That’s it for this week! Make sure to check back next week for some more content created especially for YOU. I won’t be doing my weekly weekend recaps anymore, so if you have any topics or content you want to know about, let me know in the comments!

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9 comments on “Five Things Friday #137

  1. I need a stylist! Or my wardrobe just needs a little inspiration these days…I actually just did some retail therapy at the GAP and bought 3 pairs of shorts and a tank top. My closet still needs some TLC. I hope to change that as we roll into summer. Enjoy your time at home this weekend! xoxo
    acktive life recently posted…5 Ways to Build Your Instagram PresenceMy Profile

  2. Still jacket weather? Like light jacket or winter?! We’re having light jacket stuff here in PA and I’m ready for next week. It’s supposed to be in the 70S! I’d be interested in more blogging tips posts.

  3. You have been doing an amazing job on the podcasts; I listened to the Blissful Bites and the one with Georgie, and I learned a great deal from you! Also, it’s so great how you’re always finding new delicious chocolate places.

    We’re having jacket weather off and on here; we had a few rainy days this week. Now it’s really sunny. 😀 I love spring; it keeps you on your toes. I’m thankful for the moisture and then the sunshine to dry it out.

    Curious: Would you rather have sunny weather or rainy weather or a mix of both?
    Emily recently posted…Dealing With Amenorrhea and StressMy Profile

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