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Five Things Friday #145

Happy Friday friends!

I took a couple days this week to just hang out and relax which of course left me incredibly confused about what day it was and where I existed in space and time. I think I finally have it under control again. 🙂

I’ll share my favorites from this week with you shortly, but first I want to share what I’m NOT loving. I’ve been slowly wearing Neil down in the whole getting-a-dog business and upon his request, we are planning to pay a visit to the local shelter this weekend. When I inquired with our building about what we would need to do if we got a dog, they informed me that we live in a “no dog building” and that the only dogs that live here are service dogs.

After complaining to the internet and hatching my emotional support certification idea, so many people responded that either they had taken the same route or knew people who did. Apparently it is pretty common practice, so we are looking into it and still planning to go hang with the pups this weekend. I don’t forsee us coming home with a dog, but you all will be the first to know if we do. To follow along, make sure to check out my Instagram stories on Saturday!

Alright, without further ado, here are my Five Things Friday!

1. No Denial Foods

During my workshop, the owner of the studio shared this vegan Elvis pie with me. Not that she physically shared it with me, but just that she showed it to me and taunted me with delicious peanut butter and chocolate goodness.

I shared about it on Instagram and long story short, I am now the proud owner of several No Denial Foods products, including my very own Elvis pie. Debbie, the owner, was diagnosed with both Type I diabetes and Celiac disease, which made it difficult for her to find certain foods to eat. They are low-sugar, grain-free, and many things are also vegan. I can’t even.

2. Caring Crate

I have followed Caring Crate on Instagram for some time because I really like the idea behind the brand, so when the founder, Janelle, reached out to see if I would be interested, I agreed immediately.

Caring Crate is a subscription box designed for those dealing with mental health issues, chronic illness, or anyone else who needs a little extra care. Each month, subscribers receive a box filled with self-care essentials like helpful journals, soothing aromatherapy products, and healthy snacks.

The box I received had a floral mist spray which can be used for a room or as a toner for your face, chocolate (because duh), a hand salve, and a DIY coaster kit that is such a cute project. You can read more about the company and check out the boxes for yourself on their website.

3. Care/of 

I’m not a huge vitamin person, but I was able to try out these personalized vitamin packs from Care/of, so I thought I would give it a try.

The way the process works is you fill out a survey on their website to determine which types of vitamins and supplements would be best for you. Right away I was impressed with the user experience, the website, and the ease of completing the survey. What was even better were my results.

Care/of suggests what vitamins you might need based on your responses. With each vitamin there is a detailed explanation, including clinical studies on their use. They don’t all tell you you NEED TO TAKE THIS RIGHT NOW; the results will tell you if the studies report clinical efficacy or if there’s not a ton of evidence to support the use. You can customize your own daily packs and add or remove the suggestions they give you. All suggestions are based on a team of doctors and nutritionists and are well researched.

My daily packs only contained three different pills, so I felt good that I wasn’t tossing back handfuls of pills. I’ve only started on them this week, but I’ll report back and let you know how I feel once the month is up!

4. Hoola by Benefit

I have had the same Sephora-brand bronzer for YEARS. The problem is that I use it year round so when I’m nice and Chicago-pale, it doesn’t look that great.

I got this small sized Hoola bronzer by Benefit in my 500-pt reward at Sephora and it’s way more natural than the one I was using all the time. It offers just a hint of color and I use it almost daily.

5. American Eagle Midi Shorts

Since I’ve been doing Crossfit and lifting heavier weights, I seem to have outgrown my denim shorts. I’m not saying a bigger butt is a problem, but it is when I love jean shorts. I stopped into American Eagle the other week and found these Midi shorts which are so wonderfully stretchy and fit perfectly. They’re also not super short so I don’t feel like I have to pull them down all the time.

If you’re a girl with bigger legs and a butt, I’d definitely advise trying these out!

That’s all there is this week friends — have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

7 comments on “Five Things Friday #145

  1. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a no-dog policy in a building where you actually OWN your own unit! I guess it’s like a building HOA, though, huh? That SUCKS!! Hopefully, you can get the whole “emotional support” certification thing worked out! And I really like the thought of that Caring Crate. 🙂

  2. My sister was just saying yesterday that it is hard to find jean shorts that fit right. That’s cool that you found some.

    Also I know a person with an emotional support dog, so I think if you needed one, you could probably get one certified for your building?

    That pie has looked so good all week. :o)
    Emily recently posted…Why Recovery Takes A Lot of Courage (Podcast)My Profile

  3. Happy Friday, Erin! Love all these faves! I am in need of some new denim shorts too, but I’m not so excited about getting maternity ones hehehe. As far as having your dog be a service animal — YES — so many people do it. I have not done it, and I really wish I had so far, because we bring our little Rudy with us everywhere and have to pay a lot for him to be on the plane, whereas if he was service, he’d be free. Do it! 🙂
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…Just a few of my latest favorite thingsMy Profile

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