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Life Lately: July 2017

Somehow it’s already the end of July — how did this happen?

Up until this month, we had been traveling quite a bit. This time we didn’t have any trips, but July still felt packed and busy with other things going on.

Let’s just get the most important part of the month out of the way, shall we?


In case you missed it, Neil and I adopted an Australian cattle dog/hound mix from PAWS, a local shelter here in Chicago. We named her Donut and she has been so sweet since the day we brought her home.

We brought her in the bed at night after about two weeks, which resulted in an emergency 2 am vet trip when she fell out and couldn’t walk on her leg, but in the end she was fine and just a little bruised on her paw. She was back to playing in no time.

Literally up until yesterday she was biting me a LOT and way more than she was biting Neil. We tried almost everything we had read online about how to counter it, but nothing seemed to work and my arms were constantly bruised and scratched.

Someone finally suggested that we use a spray bottle to mist her when she started biting and after only two tries she stopped and didn’t bite me at all yesterday. It was life changing. I went from not being able to sit near her during the day while she was active to curling up with her on the couch for part of the day.

She’s definitely still a puppy, but we’ve been working with her and she started training classes a week after we got her. She’s one smart pup.

One of the highlights of the month was getting all her siblings together for a family reunion. There were originally five of them at the shelter, and they were all soon adopted around the city. One of the owners reached out and we were all able to get them back together again after about three weeks. It was incredible. Donut’s sister smelled her and then jumped and gave her a hug immediately after seeing her again.

In case you missed the post about bringing her home, you can read it here.


I had the opportunity to go to an event with Frontera Foods and Rick Bayless to help launch their new skillet meals in the freezer section. We met at The Plant — an amazing location in the south of Chicago that focuses on sustainable agriculture and houses a number of different businesses who all support each other in their day to day operations.

Sidenote: I’ve really been feeling my hair donut this month. It looks a little more put together instead of me putting my hair in a sloppy mess as soon as I get out of the shower.

We sampled several of their different tacos and they were all delicious. Also, I used a random van hood as the background of this photo. πŸ™‚

I also attended an event at Beatrix hosted by NOBREAD, but lack pictures since it was in the evening. I felt it was worth mentioning because we were introduced to Nima, a portable gluten tester. While it’s not necessary for me, it can be incredibly important for those people with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance. You simply place any food you want to test in one of their capsules and within 90 – 120 seconds, you’re able to see if your food contains gluten.

If this is something that may be helpful to you or someone you know, you can read more about it here.

Anniversary + Birthday

July holds two special dates — my birthday and our fourth wedding anniversary. We got Donut a couple days before our anniversary, so we chose to call that our gift to each other.

Three days after that was my birthday, which was also a little low key since we were adjusting to having a new puppy at home. I had friends who surprised me with a dozen donuts and a dog mom tank so I was pretty happy about that.

I also got an actual camera, which I talked more about in this post. I wanted to have it for more blog-focused shots and am still working on my camera proficiency. I’m visiting my sister in Vermont at the end of August, so hopefully it will get more use there as well.

Wellness Workshop

July marked my second wellness workshop. This month I led the workout and followed it up with a discussion of self-care.

Just like the first one, it was amazing and I left feeling empowered and excited about this community. We talked about how self-care is more than actions (taking a bath, listening to music, etc.) and instead requires a mindful intent in how you practice. It’s about putting YOURSELF first and literally “taking care of self.” It’s understanding that it’s ok to say no and that in figuring out what you want and need, you’re better able to set boundaries that will leave you in a better space mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If you’re in the Chicago area and are interested in attending the next one, you can read more and register here. If you have a suggestion for a discussion topic, feel free to leave it in the comments!

That wraps up the month — it’s a good thing I keep a running list of things to include in these posts because to me, a month often feels long and short at the same time and I can easily forget something if I don’t write it down. I love being able to share what’s going on with you guys and hear about what you’ve been up to. I hope you had a great July!


10 comments on “Life Lately: July 2017

  1. Haha so many donuts this month! Actual donuts, your hair donut, and most importantly, Donut. Gotta say, I am so impressed seeing how quickly she’s catching on to different commands based on your Instastories (oh and I love that Donut currently dominates them πŸ˜‰ )

  2. Just want to say. . .Please don’t get discouraged if it takes a little for Donut to learn not to use her teeth on you! Hopefully the spray bottle ends it all, but it if doesn’t, just be patient and keep trying. My German Shepherd puppy is a year and a half now and a very well-behaved girl, but for a few months there, we were wondering if she’d EVER learn to be gentle. I’d end up having to walk away every time she got rough and not play with her for a few minutes. But she learned. It’s a puppy thing. Lots of people think it’s a mean, dangerous habit, but it’s really just that puppies don’t know any better.
    Donut looks adorable, btw.

    1. Yeah we are definitely getting used to it. It was literally three straight weeks of chomping me like I was a rag doll so I’m SO glad we found something mild that worked. I know it takes some time and she’s shaping up to be such a well behaved dog!

  3. Donut is beautiful… and I’m not just talking about the pastries (although those are beautiful too)! Happy belated birthday, anniversary, aaaaand I would love to attend one of your workshops. Ever thought of coming to DC? πŸ˜‰

    PS, the fact that Donut’s siblings were able to all hang out is the most adorable thing I’ve heard in awhile, aside from that little boy on Southwest who insisted on fist-bumping every passenger he walked by.
    Kaitlyn @ Powered by Sass recently posted…Mo’ Veggies, No ProblemsMy Profile

  4. What a great month, Erin! I’m so glad to hear that Donut’s biting is coming to an end — I’ve heard of the spray bottle thing before. And it’s so cute you did a family reunion with her siblings! Also, props to you on a second workshop — live events are SO re-inspiring because you are reminded why you spend so much time behind the computer working on your blog and brand! πŸ™‚ Here’s to a great August!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…How to talk yourself into taking a day off from exercise each week (and a GIVEAWAY)My Profile

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