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Five Things Friday #149

Hi guys! Welcome to the end of another week.

I can’t say that this week was really all that eventful (aside from Donut ruining our desktop computer) or that this weekend holds any grand plans — and that’s the way I like it. Too much makes me feel too frazzled and that’s really not a fun place to be.

I spent last night enjoying an evening to myself since Neil didn’t get home late from some work travel. Since he’s not traveling much any more I don’t often get a lot of nights to myself, but when I do, I like to take advantage of them. The past few times I’ve had an evening alone I really haven’t felt like reading and have found myself watching something brainless like COPS or scrolling through my phone until I realize it’s past my bedtime.

Last night I felt the pull to get back to a book, some tea, and a candle, which leads me right into this week’s Five Things Friday.

1. Frostbeard Studio 

I shared about these almost exactly a year ago, but wanted to bring it up again because I still love them. I was told by a friend that there was a candle company that made candles that smell like BOOKS and I knew I had to have them immediately.

When I first wrote about them, Frostbeard Studio had gone from an Etsy shop to an online presence, but since that time, they have opened a brick and mortar store in Minneapolis. I love their unique scents and knew these were the candles I wanted to burn last night during my night alone with my book.

I haven’t checked if this code still works, but originally the code BOOKISH got you 10% off your first order. Try it out if you want to order some of your own!

2. EverlyWell Women’s Health Kit

Also a year ago I shared about undergoing food sensitivity testing with a company called EverlyWell. Since then, the company has also grown and now offers more testing variations. They reached out to see if I wanted to try another test and I decided that the most pertinent to me at this time was the Women’s Health test.

The kit is super easy to use and comes with detailed instructions on how and when to take blood and saliva samples. This particular test focuses on certain hormone levels that are known to affect a woman’s fertility and overall wellness, and even though Neil and I aren’t planning on trying for kids for a couple years, I thought it would be good to get a baseline look at what’s going on.

I plan to write a more comprehensive post of the process and the results in probably another month, so check back if you’re interested in how it goes!

3. Donut not biting me


For about three straight weeks, I couldn’t sit or cuddle with my dog because she bit me like she was trying to gnaw my arm off. I was covered in scratches and bruises and had to explain to people that I wasn’t being abused (by a human at least). I would have to put her in the crate while I was home because I couldn’t get work done while she was jumping up and biting every reachable part of me.

She treated Neil completely differently and would do soft bites or licks and curl up when he sat on the couch. Many people told me it sounded like she was treating me like a litter mate and he was the alpha. Whatever. 🙂

I tried tons of things from yelping like a hurt dog to trying to shove any other toy into her mouth, but nothing worked. I finally listened to a friend who told me to get a spray bottle and mist her with water when she bit me. It literally took two to three times of doing that and she hasn’t done it since. IT’S AMAZING. I’ve been loving snuggling and playing with her so much this week because it’s like night and day.

4. Lapsang Souchong

Ok, I know I just shared this a couple weeks ago, but after getting it my monthly Sips By box, it’s all I crave when it comes to tea. I ran out and literally drove to a new tea store so that I could try theirs.

This tea store is across from where I used to work at SWEAT and I looked at it all the time for the almost two years that I worked there. I was scared of the name and felt like I wasn’t cool enough to see what teas were awaiting me inside. Now that I know about this Lapsang Souchong, I drove right up there and walked in and demanded it. I’m so obsessed.

In case you missed the first post, the leaves are pine-smoked, which leaves it tasting like smoke and fire. It’s the most magical tea I’ve ever had.

5. The Gunslinger

I can remember my mom reading The Dark Tower series for what seemed like hours and being excited when each new one came out. I know I’ll see the movie eventually, and I always want to read any book before seeing its movie.

I also went out and spent too much money on this last night because I felt compelled to read THIS SPECIFIC BOOK for my evening of self-care. For some reason whenever I feel a pull to read for a long period of time, my go-to has always been Stephen King. His books are easy, interesting, and I can get through them pretty quickly. I started this one last night and am excited that I get to look forward to seven more. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for this week — check back in on Monday and have a wonderful weekend!

5 comments on “Five Things Friday #149

  1. That health kit for hormone testing is awesome! Will probably get one for myself. I’ve been battling some health issues for a while and I want to explore balancing my hormones more. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. I love most products you introduce your readers/ followers too. But these candles! I may have died and will soon lose all my money to them! The book lover in me cannot get over the sheer genius of these candles. Thank you again.

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