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Five Things Friday #151

Happy Friday friends!

What’s on your agenda for this weekend? I have nothing planned aside from Donut’s weekly puppy training, which is coming to a close in the next couple weeks. Aside from that, it’s sleeping, lazing, and hanging out with Neil and the pup.

Next week is a short week for me because I’m heading to Vermont to visit my sister. If you or anyone you know has any recommendations, let me know in the comments! I’ll keep this intro short so we can get into what I’m loving this week!

1. Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie from Summer House

These have to be my favorite cookies in the city, and just like I go around sampling all the donuts, there was a period where I traveled around trying to eat all the chocolate chip cookies.

Fortunately (and unfortunately), Summer House Santa Monica is not near my house or anywhere that I frequent on a regular basis. Last Sunday I went to a workout event at Barry’s Bootcamp, which was conveniently located right across the street. I bought two cookies and ate them over two days because these suckers are BIG.

This one didn’t even have a lot of chocolate, which I thought would be disappointing, but the rest of the cookie tasted like some kind of salted butter cookie nonsense and it was HEAVENLY.

2. Love Your Veggies e-book

My friend Kelsey over at Little Bits Of released her Love Your Veggies e-book yesterday and it is beautiful in all of it’s simple recipe glory.

It’s an entire book on how to properly roast, grill, and saute vegetables which is invaluable to me. Most vegetables I’m ok with, but I’m glad to have this resource for some of the more tricky ones that I either under or over cook. The photography is bright and beautiful and as I scrolled through it, I caught myself pausing to take in all the details in the shots.

You can get your own copy here and until August 31st by using the code BLOG5 you can get $5 off!

3. Trader Joe’s Kombucha

I’m pumped that TJs has started carrying a couple different brands of kombucha, mainly because they offer them the cheapest I can find (think $2 less than anywhere else!). I’ve been such a slacker on my home brewed ones because I will bottle a batch and then not brew more for almost another week. This means that there’s a few days where I’m booch-less and just grab one from the store.

I picked up my regular Gingerade flavor and then saw that TJs made their own as well, so I grabbed it to sample. Bonus points that it is ginger flavored and it might be good to add into my rotation now and then.

4. Lightroom Magic 

Since I got an actual camera, I want to take the time to learn Lightroom instead of just puttering around with sliders and buttons. I’m the kind of person that wants to take it all in and learn it all at once (and visually) instead of trying to piece it together.

Right as I was looking into learning how to use it, my friend Ashley told me about a course she had taken that helped her out a lot. It was called Lightroom Magic and it was just updated and released a couple weeks ago. I’m about halfway through and really loving everything that I am learning about how to use the program.

If you’re in the market to learn more about Lightroom or are just starting out like me, you can read more and sign up for the course here. (I do not have an affiliate link, but I’m using Ashley’s which I also used to purchase the course).

5. Unite Liquid Dust

A friend of mine told me about this product probably last month, but when I went to buy it, it was sold out everywhere. I’m afraid this post isn’t going to be too helpful because as I’m checking now it’s still sold out.

It’s a body-building spray that helps create texture and hold throughout the day. It can be used on wet or dry hair and it’s worked wonderfully at keeping my curls and waves for a long time. You can read about it more on the website and while it’s sold out online, you may be able to use their salon locator to find some in person near you!

That’s everything for this week — check back on Monday and have a great weekend!

6 comments on “Five Things Friday #151

  1. Where in Vermont are you going?! If you’re anywhere near Burlington I highly recommend going there! The views of Lake Champlain are beautiful and the downtown area is great as well.

  2. I am DROOLING over that cookie! I have been a cookie fiend lately and definitely ate my weight in them this past weekend in NYC. Levain Bakery, anyone? #chocolatechipwalnut

    Also, that spray would probably become my new BFF. I’m so low maintenance with my hair, but I want to look like I’ve had a salon-worthy blowout every single day. Any tips? Advice? Do I just need to hire the Fab 5 to follow me around everywhere?
    Kaitlyn @ Powered by Sass recently posted…Ways NYC Will Make You Want to Live Your Best LifeMy Profile

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