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Five Things Friday #158

Happy Friday friends!

This week has been great and last night I hosted my fourth wellness workshop where we began with a guided meditation and talked about the importance of mental health. These events always leave me feeling full and grateful for the people who come out and share their stories. Don’t forget that this week is mental health awareness week, and you can find some of my previous posts on the subject here.

This weekend I’m home for a bit and then heading back to the east coast to visit my family for a couple days. Maybe I can find some new donuts to try out. HA.

Let’s see what made my list of favorites for this week!

1. Trader Joe’s Asparagus

I never really liked asparagus, but then I realized that I hadn’t had it prepared well. Since then, I’ve really liked it, but never made it at home. When I was stocking up on things at Trader Joe’s the other day, I noticed they had a bag of thin asparagus and I thought I’d give it a shot.

I decided I wanted to get all fancy with it and make it in the cast iron skillet, so I looked up how to do it and went to town. Well, my friends, it sucked. I will always be a baker and not an actual real-food-maker. A cook? Whatever it is, I’m not it.

For one, I was supposed to break off the stems of the asparagus, but when I saw the bag said “trimmed,” I figured I didn’t have to do anything. I enlisted the help of all you fine friends on Instagram, who steered me in the right direction, but I still have yet to go a second round. Potentially tonight?

ANYWAY, if you know how to make asparagus, I really like these thinner ones at Trader Joe’s. 🙂

2. The Cultured Cook by Michelle Schoffro

I was sent a copy of this book to check out, and I’m really intrigued by all the recipes. They’re all fermented in some way, and I may try to make some of the recipes soon while drinking homemade kombucha.

3. NOW Pets Omega-3 Support

You all know that I work with NOW Foods a lot, and this month I wanted to branch out and try something not in their food or natural products line. They also have a pet line, so I thought since now I have Donut, I could give that a try.

There weren’t too many of the supplements that she needs, but a good Omega-3 is good for dogs AND humans, so I got this one for her. I could potentially mix it in her food, but I’ve just been giving her a softgel by itself. It’s fish-flavored, so once she gets past the weird consistency of a softgel in her mouth and actually bites it, she eats it no problem.

4. Aveda Shampure 

I’ve needed to switch my shampoo and conditioner for some time, since my hair has been weighed down after drying. This is mainly a result of my conditioner, which is the OGX brand I get at Target or Walgreens, and it just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

This Shampure line from Aveda was what they used on my hair at my last haircut and my sister also has been using it, so I figured that would be my best bet. I used it for the first time on Wednesday night and my hair felt so much cleaner and lighter!

I would link to Amazon on here, but it’s actually more expensive then when I got it in the salon. My sister also told me that new customers to the Aveda website get free shipping at 15% off, so that might be a better bet!

5. Wave Spray by Ouai

I already have a Ouai hairspray, and I’ve heard great things about this wave spray (actually first it was from my friend who knows all things hair). My hair dries naturally curly, but not in a cute way. If I spray it and scrunch it, it looks a little better, but usually still has a lot of frizz happening.

This spray smells great and clean and gave my hair a lot of volume just from air drying. I still had a little frizz, which I think was a result of me taking a nap while it was partially wet and also not using the blow dryer at all, so I’ll have to work on perfecting it. Overall though, it’s way better than other sprays I’ve found and doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy or sticky.

It’s also more expensive on Amazon, and I got the travel size at Sephora for only $12.

That’s all I’ve got this week — check back on Monday!

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