Five Things Friday #162 - Erin's Inside Job

Five Things Friday #162

Happy Friday friends!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that today I’m hitting the road with my friend Ashley to drive to Toronto. Our friend Beverley lives there and we are meeting her, Jess, and (other) Erin for a girls weekend in Canada. I’ve never been so I’m really excited and can’t wait to see them again. You may remember Jess and Ashley from this trip, but this is the first time I’m meeting Erin and Beverley in person. Social media is amazing because we have all talked for a long time and feel like we’ve known each other forever. Follow along on IG to see how the trip goes!

I’m going to hop right into this week’s Five Things Friday because I still have a bunch of things to do before I hit the road. Enjoy!

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1. Scottish Oatmeal Scones by Bob’s Red Mill

I made some quick and easy scones from Bob’s earlier in the week and even Neil liked them (ha). They’re scottish oatmeal scones with currants and as soon as I opened the bag the smell was DELICIOUS. Perfect for fall.

I added some date crumbles as well, but all you needed was butter, water, and the mix and they were good to go. They’re a little heartier than regular scones, but melt some butter on top and they’ll be gone in no time.

2. Fertility Foods Cookbook

My friend Sara co-authored a cookbook about the best foods for fertility — hence the name Fertility Foods Cookbook. From the description, the cookbook has:

  • Over 100 nutritious, satisfying dishes to boost your fertility
  • Dietary breakdowns to help you understand what will help your body conceive, and why
  • Tips on managing stress and other lifestyle factors
  • Heartfelt support and guidance from women who have struggled with infertility
  • A how-to guide on putting together a healthy kitchen

I’ve seen many bloggers start to become more open about their struggles with infertility, which I think is a great thing, albeit tough to know that so many people are struggling with it or have struggled with it in silence. If you’re interested in your own copy, you can grab it on Amazon here.

3. European Style Butter

After hearing people talk about using high quality butter for things like croissants and other pastries, I knew I wanted some in my life. Land O’ Lakes makes a European style butter and I finally found it at the grocery store the other day.

The difference in this butter is that it is churned longer for a higher milk fat content. This makes it creamer and richer in flavor than conventional butter. I used it in the scones I made and also melted some to put on top and it is the real deal my friends.

4. How to Murder Your Life

Neil’s cousin told me about this book while I was in NYC last weekend and just from her description I knew I needed it immediately. Neil has the Amazon app on his phone so I told him to order it and I had it two days later.

Cat Marnell was an associate beauty editor at Lucky magazine and spent her time in many of New York’s most prestigious fashion circles. Her career had skyrocketed, but she also maintained a hidden life of drug addiction that started to spiral more and more out of control. Sound familiar to anyone? Ha.

I’m not all the way through yet, but it’s a quick read and one that hits close to home (minus the fame and prestige 🙂 ). I definitely recommend it if you’re interested!

5. Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit

I know the picture doesn’t look too appealing, but that’s only because the mushrooms haven’t started growing yet. I shared about Back to the Roots last year when I raved about their garden in a cans and now I’m excited to grow my own mushrooms here at home. Fingers crossed I can follow the simple directions and have them turn out. I’ll keep you updated!

That’s it for this week — check back next week for more posts!


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