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Five Things Friday #164

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve had a pretty good week and I’m excited to share this week’s Five Things Friday with you. There’s a couple good ones in here! This weekend is low key so there’s nothing crazy planned — just hanging out with Neil and Donut.

I’m hopping right into this post of my favorite things from this week. Make sure to let me know some of yours in the comments!

1. Fitness Genes

I mentioned in this post that I would soon have another DNA test to share with you guys and I finally got the results back! I’ve done some DNA tests to check for food sensitivities and women’s health, but this was the first test I had seen that was geared towards fitness.

The idea is that after doing this test from Fitness Genes you can then have a better idea of what types of workouts and foods work best with your genetic makeup. I did the test only, but you can purchase individualized plans based on your results if that’s something you’re interested in and it actually sounds really cool to me.

The test itself was super easy. I simply had to give them a sample of saliva and send it back. The results took a little longer than other tests I’ve done — probably about a month — but once I saw how thorough they were I didn’t mind waiting.

My results came back with 41 different genes (I’m not sure if that’s standard for everyone or if it ever differs). Given my science and pharmacy background, the terminology wasn’t too hard to understand, but if you’re someone who isn’t as versed in genomes, all the information may be a little overwhelming. Most of it is pretty well laid out and explained, however, so even if you don’t have a science background you can still understand. Here is an example of my results (there were then 40 more of these).

I still have to look at my results in more depth, but a lot of the results did seem to match up with how I work out and which types of workouts I do well with. There was even a test for lactose intolerance which came back that I likely am, something that I’ve suspected for years. It’s nothing severe, but I just don’t feel great after regular milk or ice cream (even though it’s delicious).

If you’re interested in trying it out yourself, you can use the code ERIN20 for 20% off any of the packages. The cheapest one is the DNA-only test at $189 and with the discount comes to about $150. This is much less expensive than many of the other DNA tests I’ve done, so I think it’s a good investment if you’re looking to really find what type of workouts work for you.

2. Trader Joe’s Mac ‘n Cheese

Right on the heels of healthy fitness tests comes Trader Joe’s mac ‘n cheese. 🙂

I bought this on a whim the other day because I had completely forgotten about it until I saw it again. Many years ago when I was living by myself I used to make this mac ‘n cheese ALL THE TIME. I had a TJ’s literally right across the street and I loved it so much. They have a lighter version as well but who has time for that?

3. Eminence Citrus Exfoliating Wash

I received my first facial last week. The woman who did it uses only plant-based products and gave me many lectures about how I’ve been taking care of my skin (I’m a chronic stress picker which she wasn’t happy about). She recommended four products for me to use and after her no-nonsense approach with me I went home and bought them immediately. All but one are from Eminence Skin Care which you can get on Amazon.

I’m waiting to see how the other ones work since I’ve only just started using them, but I wanted to share the face wash on here because I really like the way it smells and makes my skin feel. The exfoliation is very light but I can feel it working really well when I wash my face.

As a sidenote, would anyone be interested in a follow-up post about my experience with these? I’m slowly shifting to more plant-based facial products and wonder if they will make that much of a difference.

4. Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix

I love waffles. I don’t really subscribe to one way of eating and will chow down on whatever, so I got both the paleo and buttermilk versions of this mix from Bob’s Red Mill. I made these earlier in the week and while they’re really not a substitute for regular waffles, they were still pretty good. The consistency is a little different, but they fluff up into nice big waffles if that’s your jam like me.

5. Hungry by Nature Grain-Free Granola

I’m super excited about this one. My friend Ellie who blogs at Hungry By Nature recently started her own grain-free granola company here in Chicago. She’s still waiting on paperwork approval from the city, but has the product ready to go and as soon as she gets the approval will be able to sell it on her own and out of Lakeview Kitchen. I’m super picky about granola and usually don’t like many of the popular brands (except Purely Elizabeth — THE BEST), so I want to emphasize that the fact that I like this is a big deal. HA.

The granola is delicious and has only whole ingredients: almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, maple syrup, coconut oil, flaked coconut, cinnamon, and salt. What more could you ask for? If you’re interested, sign up to join her mailing list here so that you’re the first to know when it’s available for purchase!

That’s all I’ve got for this week — have a great weekend!

8 comments on “Five Things Friday #164

  1. ohhhh that granola sounds amazing!! i’ve been meaning to make my own grain-free version but have yet to stock up on all the ingredients. guess it would be much easier to just buy the premade kind, huh? 😉

    and TJ’s mac and cheese used to be my go-to meal when i was having a bad night or wanted to have a lazy night in by myself! the lighter version actually is pretty good, i’ll admit!

  2. That’s so cool about the fitness test; it’s crazy how accessible these dna results are now! You’re actually the one who inspired me to do the myheritage test which I’m still waiting on. I would love to hear your Eminence review, as it was actually recommended to me by my facial specialist, and I never ended up buying it.

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