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Life Lately: November 2017

I feel like I just wrote one of these for September and here we are at the end of November. Pretty soon it’ll be the new year!

At the beginning of the month I traveled to Toronto to visit Beverley, a blogging friend I had known for a couple years but never actually met. The internet is magical.

First, I drove to Michigan to stay with Ashley and then we went the rest of the way together. Our blogging group was rounded out by Erin (#2) and Jess who met us in Toronto.

The trip was great, albeit a little too short for me. I wish we had more time together because we all arrived on Friday and left on Sunday, meaning that we really only had one full day in the city. There were a couple more spots I wanted to check out, but the weather Sunday was rainy and cold so I’ll have to save them for another trip.

I really like any trips where I can get together with friends. I hadn’t met Erin or Beverley in real life, but establishing a relationship online really made it feel like we had known each other for a lot longer.

I forced everyone to explore donuts with me at Jelly Modern Doughnuts.

And we had some delicious Americanos at Dark Horse Espresso Bar. I highly recommend both places if you’re ever in Toronto.

A little while after getting back from the trip, Donut experienced her first snow. As you can see, she’s very excited about it.

She played a bit and tried to eat it, but there was no crazy reaction which was kind of a let down. It hasn’t snowed since, so let’s see how she does when the winter actually rolls around.

Speaking of Donut, she ever so kindly helped us finish off our turkey leftovers at Thanksgiving by finding her way onto the counter and eating the remaining pound of turkey. I don’t have any pictures, but she inhaled it in about 20 seconds.

We spent Thanksgiving with another couple here in Chicago and really just relaxed for the rest of the weekend.

I attended the opening of Alex Brown’s new Chicago salon (she does the Kardashian’s hair!) with my friend Rebecca. I put on real clothes and did my hair and it was glorious. Alex’s French bulldog puppy was the star of the party and you can see him in the picture below.

Speaking of hair, I decided to cut off about 7 inches of mine!

I used to do a lot of things to my hair, but with age and decreased frequency of having to wear it down, I got lazy. I recently saw a picture of someone’s hair that I LOVED, so I made an appointment for a few days later. Let me know what you think — I’m pretty excited about it!

This month was pretty slow in terms of trips and excitement, so I used that time to slow down myself and enjoy time with Neil and Donut. I’m working on taking on some potential social media clients in addition to my training clients and this blog, but so far it’s been amazing working for myself.

One of the things I want to do in December is make a more concrete list of plans and goals for 2018. This year has been great, but it’s definitely been a little scattered and I’ve felt more like I’m riding the waves rather than steering the boat if that makes sense.

I’ll keep you updated in next month’s post so check back! I hope you had a great November yourself. 🙂


11 comments on “Life Lately: November 2017

  1. I’m glad you liked Toronto! It’s always fun to see what other people think of the place you live. People compare Toronto and Chicago a lot, similar size, climate, did you find them similar at all? I’ve never been to Chicago but it’s on my list of places to go. Also dogs in snow are the best, did Donut try to eat/bite it?
    Nikki @ Flimsy Lion recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Winter To Read ListMy Profile

  2. I love your new do! My daughter recently cut off about the same amount. I didn’t want her to at first but I really love it now. Very chic and I’ll bet you can still pull it up for a workout. You’d be adorable no matter what you did with your hair.
    Monica Hall recently posted…Unfinished BusinessMy Profile

  3. The trip sounds like so much fun!
    And I totally know what you mean by riding the waves…I’m in the same boat and ready to make some changes!
    Love reading yours posts 🙂

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