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Five Things Friday #166

Hello and happy Friday!

I’m hoping you had a great week so far and have something good planned for the weekend. My something good is really just hanging out with Neil and Donut, so whatever you have planned, I hope it’s equally as satisfying. Temperatures finally seemed to have dropped here in Chicago, so the less time I have to spend outside the better. )

Here’s a look at what I’m loving this week!

*post contains some affiliate links

1. Trader Joe’s succulents

I’ve been wanting to get some kind of plant for awhile now because I love them and they’re GREEN. I didn’t want to get a big floor plant and have Donut eat it which is what she does whenever we are outside, so I considered some hanging plants but still have yet to figure out how to hang them in our concrete ceiling.

I was at Trader Joe’s the other day and saw these adorable potted succulents that were calling my name. I grabbed this one and it’s been brightening up my desk. I only hope that I can keep it alive. πŸ™‚

2. Winter Candles

I think overall my favorite candle scents are those in the fall, but I do love this Winter candle from Bath and Body Works. I’ve been lighting it at night while the tree is lit up and it’s been magical. My only problem is that for some reason this year it seems much stronger than it has in the past and I have to put it out after about 15 minutes. Does anyone else have this problem?

If you have any good candle recommendations, let me know!

3. Made Good

Made Good sent me a sampler of their different bars and bites last week and I have been slowly making my way through them. I’ve really been a fan of this apple cinnamon one lately. They’re small, taste good, and somehow also have a serving of vegetables in there somewhere! Bonus is that all the products are allergy-friendly.

4. Eminence Thermal Spring Whip

I mentioned in a previous post that after receiving a plant-based facial a couple weeks ago, I bought everything that was recommended to me. That included this thermal spring whip moisturizer from Eminence Organics. It’s thick which is great for this cold Chicago wind, but doesn’t feel super heavy on my skin. It also has a nice scent that reminds me of tea tree oil.

I know at least some of you have mentioned that you would be interested in hearing more about my foray into plant-based skin care, so after I’ve used them for awhile I can write one up. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

5. Everlane Luxe Wool Crew Sweater

I can’t tell you the last time I bought clothes. A friend of mine let me go through her clothes she was going to donate (always a score), and I walked away with this sweater. I loved the way it fit (loose, but still feminine) so I bought another one in grey (duh). They can be casual or dressy depending on how you wear it and I really like how versatile it is.

I’m also really into Everlane as a company as I feel like the products are high quality at a fraction of the cost. I’m waiting on a pair of jeans to arrive from there today as well, so I will report back!


That’s all for this week — enjoy your weekend!

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