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Life Lately: January 2018

Well here we are on the last day of January. I feel like every month goes by faster and faster.

I’m sharing what went on this month, but things are in no particular order. In fact, this first one is actually the last thing we did this month!

Monday evening we got back from a trip to LA to visit Neil’s brother’s family. They technically live in Santa Monica and since we have been going there for so many years, I was thinking of writing up a travel guide to some of my favorite places – would you be interested?

This picture is actually from Manhattan Beach — one new place I can check off my list from this last trip!

I take this same picture every time I’m there, but there’s always a new person sitting there so that kind of makes it different? This is the wall from one of my favorite coffee shops — Lo/cal. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see the rainbow latte I got while I was there.

Practicing portrait mode selfies on the iPhone X after getting donuts at 7:30 am. That’s the way to do it — just roll out of bed and go.

Cartwheels on the beach are always encouraged.

We spent longer than we normally do there — 5 days! The weather was perfect and hanging out with family is always a good time. I have tons more pictures, but will save them for a travel post if you’re interested. Let me know in the comments!

Our friend watched Donut while we were gone and although she had a little trouble adjusting overnight, she had a friend to play with the whole time and apparently they fell in love. Separating them when we got home was more difficult than we thought and there was a lot of whining and crying in the street as we got back in the car. I think it’s safe to say Donut has a boyfriend now.

Earlier in the month I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with PRE brands at their offices downtown. I started working with them last year and you’re likely to see them pop up more on here over the next couple months. Their products are AMAZING.

I’ve never been able to tell the difference between any kind of red meat before until I tried PRE. It’s literally the best I’ve had and everything about the company is great. I’d recommend it to anyone. If you want to read more about how their meat is different, check them out here.

Hanging out with my friends May and Maggie.

I invested in a 35 mm lens for my camera in order to be able to take more wide angle and everyday shots. I took it with me to CA and I’ve been loving playing around with it. Here is a shot that I took of my PRE beef salad (nice segue there).

The best way to learn is to practice (and practice and practice), so I’ve been learning more and taking different types of shots. I really love it, and I think I might love editing even more.

I really took this month to get more serious about this part of my business(es). I actually communicated with my accountant, I planned content, I reached out to more brands, and I really looked at what it would require to take things to the next level. I thought that I was treating this like a business before, but there were still things that I was kind of lackadaisical about. Taking more control over everything is making me feel much more prepared and official as I start off 2018.

While everything else was great this month, one thing that was a bit of a disappointment was that our renovations fell through. We had planned to do a bunch of work on our condo while we were in LA, but after some issues with our contractor and our building, we had to postpone the project.

We are still planning on doing more work, but it might have to wait until April when we have a trip planned for Italy — WOOT! In the meantime, we are still slowly transitioning out our dark, heavy furniture in favor of more white/wood pieces. Donut has been helping very diligently.

That’s pretty much it for January — hope you had a great month and I’m looking forward to what February has in store!

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  1. I’ve seen you just grow and grow and grow in doing photography Erin; your photography gets better and more stunning with every post and every month! πŸ™‚ I’m glad that the new lens has been a blessing.

    I love how dogs will bond with each other; we have 2 pairs of dogs that seem to really love being with each other too, and they always get excited when they get to hang out with each other. That’s such a blessing that you had a friend who was willing to have Donut come over and play for 5 days while you were in Cali! πŸ™‚

    Cali looked fun especially the multiple yummy donut runs you went on.
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