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Five Things Friday #175

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I lucked out today and don’t have any clients to train. I guess that’s good AND bad? Anyway, I’m pumped about it because I’ve blocked off my whole day to work on a proposal for my book. I met with an editor last week and we talked a lot about the ins and outs of publishing. While I was originally planning on self-publishing the book I’m working on, I left the meeting with a new goal of having it picked up by an actual publishing house.

For that to happen, I need to write a proposal which is way more work than I originally realized. I’m treating it like an English assignment which makes me happy because I love schoolwork but haven’t been in a classroom in around 10 years. Yikes. So my plan is an early workout, sending Donut to daycare, and writing the day away. It’s going to be glorious.

We don’t have much happening this weekend, but here are the things I’ve been loving from this past week. Have a wonderful day!

*This post contains some affiliate links.

1. Julie’s Chocolate

I work out with Julie at my gym. She makes these magical chocolates and as soon as I saw them I became obsessed. They’re SO intricate, beautiful, and delicious. I ate them all in three days and am really mesmerized by the whole process and the way they turn out.

She ships outside of Chicago, so if you’re looking for a good present or just want to partake in these yourself, you can check out her website here!

2. Bissel SpotClean Pro


After we got Donut, we ended up having to rent an industrial carpet cleaner from Home Depot to clean our bedroom. I had so much fun, but it was impractical to do that on a regular basis, so we researched smaller ones that we could buy ourselves.

We settled on this Bissel SpotClean Pro and it’s been so great. Donut is older now and doesn’t have accidents in the house, but there have been a couple vomiting occurrences where this has really saved the day. Luckily we only have carpeting in one room, so this works fine, but if we had more we may have invested in a larger carpet cleaner.

3. Wild Wuyi from Heirloom Tea Company

At least once a month you know I’ll have a new tea in here. 🙂

In my monthly Sips By box, I received this Wild Wuyi tea. If you recall, I LOVE Lapsang Souchong because it tastes like fire and smoke — a result of smoking the tea leaves. This is the same tea, but unsmoked. It’s a good black tea that I’ve been enjoying in the morning as I alternate it with a spicier one.

If you’re interested in trying out Sips By (a monthly subscription tea box), you can use the code FORERIN to get 50% off your first one!

4. Instant Oatmeal by Fresh Thyme

*thank you to Fresh Thyme for sponsoring this mention!

I grabbed these instant oatmeal cups the other day when I was at Fresh Thyme and I need to go back and grab more. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE oatmeal and also anything that comes in single-serve microwave cups (pancakes, muffins, etc.). These are my two favorite oatmeal flavors and I’ve always been conflicted about which I like more. What’s yours?

I always like the colorful store brand labels and we have a ton of other products from them like their teriyaki deli chicken slices that Neil loves and ALL THE CHEESE for my sandwiches.

5. Food Photography Board from The Little Ladle Co.

I love taking pictures of food. Ever since I got my new camera, I’ve REALLY loved taking pictures of food.

Because of the types of pictures I’m taking with my camera, I needed larger/longer boards than the square marble one I have (though that still gets used a ton). I love the boards by Woodville and  Erickson Woodworks, but after buying a second lens last month, I can’t really swing $200 for a board.

In search of a cheaper alternative, I discovered The Little Ladle Co. on Etsy. One thing I liked was that her boards were not a board with a vinyl overlay, but were actually textured and sturdy. They’re not super thick, but that’s actually a plus for me as I move it around a lot. There was also a matte white one which goes perfectly with my aesthetic. This board was only $35 + shipping (under $50 total), and in my opinion definitely worth it.

If you’re looking for cheaper quality surfaces to photograph on, I’d definitely recommend The Little Ladle Co.!

That’s it for this week guys — check back on Monday for a new post!


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