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Five Things Friday #184

Happy Friday!

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty low key and I’m expecting that to carry into this weekend. There’s nothing like a relaxing, empty weekend to recharge (I feel like I say this every week). Here’s a look at what’s been making me happy this week!

1. Candlefish Candle from Anthropologie

Earlier this week I woke up with a weird anxiety that felt like it came out of nowhere. It happened as soon as I woke up and left me feeling off for most of the day. I did what I normally do when this happens which is talk about it (I called Neil after the gym), went a little slower, and took a walk in the sun.

On my way home I stopped into Anthropologie to wander around and look at dresses I can’t afford. HA. I also went with the purpose of looking for a new candle and came across this one by Candlefish. It’s more of a fresh-scented option and to me smelled like Sprite so of course I bought it. The weather is warm enough that we can open windows now, so coming home, lighting this, and feeling a cool breeze was just perfect.

According to my friend May, Candlefish candles are amazing and she suggested that if I ever am in Charleston, SC to go take one of their candle-making classes, so I’m suggesting the same to you!


2. Hazelnut Crisp Perfect Bar

This year marks the 13th year that Perfect Bar has been around. To celebrate, they are releasing an anniversary edition flavor — hazelnut crisp made with hazelnut butter instead of almond or peanut. I got them on Wednesday and tried one out the next day.

Sometimes I split a bar into two because they are so filling, but this one felt lighter and I really enjoyed the taste. I’m not sure how long it will be around, but it’s a flavor I would definitely recommend. You can order them on their site here.

3. SUN

This may be cheating as an item for the week, but we literally haven’t seen the sun in Chicago in SO MANY MONTHS. We seem to have skipped Spring and temperatures went from the low 50s to 85 on Wednesday.

I know that I like it, but every year when it finally comes out I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it. Soon I will probably be over sweating into my clothes as I walk around, but for now I’m relishing in it.

4. Avengers Infinity War

Neil and I saw this at 5 am last Sunday morning and I can’t tell you how good it was. I think it’s now my favorite Marvel movie. I immediately texted everyone I knew who had seen it to talk about it. If you’re not into superhero movies, that’s fine, but if you are, then you need to see this. I think I need to go again.

5. 30 Days To Fit

My friend Beverley just launched her program 30 Days To Fit and I couldn’t be more proud of her! She has put TONS of work into this and the site and layout is beautiful. There are videos of workouts, meal preps, and even videos on your rest day to “rest + chat.”

Unlike her previous workout plan, this one does require some gym equipment. If you’re looking to get stronger with a plan that works for you, you should definitely check this out. She’s the real deal no BS. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for this week — enjoy your weekend!


5 comments on “Five Things Friday #184

  1. Hi there! I came across your blog after looking for Five Things Friday posts and I am so glad I did! I read your incredible story and am deeply humbled and impressed by your journey. All the hugs and high fives!

    Also, I just had to comment on this post, because it’s not often that I come across another (female) Marvel fan. I saw Avengers Infinity War two weeks ago and am still trying to process certain scenes! Hands down my favorite Marvel movie to date.

    Happy to meet you!

    1. Happy to meet you too Alexandra! Thanks for all the kind words!

      OMG YES. I need to see Avengers again I loved it. It’s my favorite to date too!

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