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Five Things Friday #187

Happy Friday!

Guys, all is right with the world. Our AC is finally on, the temperature is going to be 88 today, and I’m taking Donut to the beach after I’m done this afternoon. IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST. Not to mention that it’s a three day weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. Perfect.

Neil, Donut, and I had the opportunity to have a mini staycation last night at the Courtyard Marriott Mag Mile, which you can watch on my Instagram stories until tonight if you’re interested. It’s so fun to feel like a tourist in your own city, even if your home isn’t too far away. It was really a great start to the long weekend!

Here’s a look at what I’ve been loving this week. Make sure to let me know some of yours in the comments!

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1. Daily Harvest Sundaes

I’ve shared about Daily Harvest a bunch before, but I had yet to try their sundaes — a slightly more indulgent, but still healthy treat. Everything comes frozen in the container and all you have to do is pop it in your blender with your liquid of choice and VOILA. Their smoothies are so good and now I’ve crossed into this dangerous territory of cacao cookie dough and chocolate brownie batter. Life may never be the same again.

For first timers, you can use the code ERINSINSIDEJOB to get your first three free!

2. New RXBAR products

Similar to the above, I’ve shared about RXBAR forever, but they recently released three new flavors and three nut butter options. You can refer to this post to read about my sneak peek into the new bar flavors, and this week I’m focusing on the new nut butters.

There are three flavors — vanilla almond butter, peanut butter, and honey cinnamon peanut butter. I can’t decide which one to slather on my English muffin first, but I’m thinking all three wouldn’t be so bad. 🙂

3. Athleta Mod Trekkie Crop 

Guys, I’ve seriously been living in these pants. They are so comfortable and flattering. They’re also perfect for summer because they are super lightweight and the material dries super fast (I know because I got caught in the rain). They hold their shape unlike the pair of joggers I have from Lululemon that I also wear nonstop when training clients. The Lulu ones always get saggy in the butt, but these I’ve worn three or four times and they still fit great!

Remember that if you are a fitness professional (trainer, instructor, etc.), you are eligible for Athleta’s Fit Pro discount which means that you get 30% off any purchase you make!


4. Annabel White Floral Wrap Maxi from Baltic Born

THANKS INSTAGRAM FOR GETTING ME WITH AN AD THROWN IN THE MIDDLE OF MY STORY WATCHING. This dress popped up in between stories and I had been thinking of something similar for our anniversary party in July. I went to buy it, but realized they were sold out of my size. Usually I would give up at this point, but I felt compelled to add my name to the notification list when it came back in stock. Not too long after I received an email and bought it immediately.

It came this week and I really love it. Since it’s a wrap dress, I can make sure it fits and there were no issues at all with it. I can’t wait to wear it and I also have to keep myself off their site because they have a lot of cute things. I’m not even a clothes person but this makes me very happy.


5. Nippies Skin by Bristol6

Number five on my list is directly correlated with number four. The neckline of the dress is pretty low on me, so I had to consider bra options since I’m literally only wearing a sports bra at all times. I either had to choose between a plunge bra or these Nippies that came recommended from a friend. I figured these would be more versatile, so I quickly ordered them on Amazon.

I’m REALLY excited about these. I often avoid wearing spaghetti strap tops in the summer or anything requiring an actual bra solution mainly because I’m too lazy to investigate a proper solution. With these I can wear whatever I want and they’re perfect because I don’t really need much support at all. I’m pumped to wear them more regularly and even though I haven’t taken them on an extensive test drive, the friend who recommended them to me wears them exclusively instead of bras. MAGIC.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and we will be back next week!

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