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Life Lately: May 2018

Just like that, another month has flown by!

Here’s a look at what went on in the month of May. I’m always amazed at how many pictures I take when looking back through them for this post, but also amazed at how so many of them are useless. HA. I think I got enough to give you a good representation though, so I hope you enjoy!


Neil, Donut, and I were invited to spend a night at the Courtyard Marriott Magnificent Mile, which excited me mainly because I wanted to see Donut’s reaction to a new place. She was confused and excited about why she was there, but quickly jumped up and made herself at home on the bed. She loves looking out tall windows too, so she spent time hovering there to get a view different than ours at home.

The next morning we sampled the new brunch menu at the adjoining Copper Fox Gastropub which you can see evidence of below. I got a lot of looks while standing on my chair to take pictures, but I also had a lot of people commenting how they wanted to stop by, so hopefully I was able to help out with spreading the word. πŸ™‚

The weather has been up and down this whole month, but regardless, I have been trying to take Donut to the beach because she loves it so much. I actually prefer it when it’s not super nice because then I can actually find her when she runs around instead of it being like a needle in a haystack.

Neil and I attended a fundraiser at the Brookfield Zoo to help raise awareness for 22Q, otherwise known as DiGeorge syndrome. The child of a family friend was diagnosed with this second most common genetic disorder behind Down’s Syndrome and we wanted to help do our part to show support. There was a great turnout and when the event was over we spent time wandering around the zoo.

For Memorial Day every year, Crossfit (and similar) gyms participate in the Murph Hero workout which commemorates Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who died in the line of duty. The workout is:

  • 1 mile run
  • 100 pull ups
  • 200 push ups
  • 300 squats
  • 1 mile run

I did it last year and again this year and it always kicks my butt. This time last year I was unable to do pull ups, so I was excited that I could do the actual workout this time. I was sore for days afterwards, but glad I did it as always.

Here’s a picture from later that night when Neil and I actually went out and socialized and I wore real clothes.

My biggest achievement of the month was hitting several important anniversaries: 7 years since being released from jail and 2 years since finally coming off probation. The most important anniversary, however, was celebrating 8 years clean and sober on May 20th, which you can read about here if interested.

Because life isn’t always so serious, here are some shots from the day Neil and I went to pick up the balloon at Party City. HA.


In May I accepted two ambassadorships — one with Athleta and one with Honeygrow.

I am one of three ambassadors at the Oak Street Athleta store and once we get scheduling figured out, I will be holding workshops/workouts/etc once a month which are free to anyone who wants to come! I’ll be sure to update everyone with information as I get it.

My honeygrow ambassadorship is about bringing attention to honeygrow and minigrow, both of which are great places to eat for fresh, wholesome meals. I love the options at each, but especially love all the veggie noddle options at minigrow.

I, along with one other Chicago ambassador, will be hosting events throughout the year such as fun runs and meetups at the locations to raise money for different nonprofits. We are also in the planning stages for this, so once I have dates I will likely share on social media — make sure you follow me there!

I’m also looking into finding a good web developer and/or UX person to a) do a site audit and identify problem areas and b) redesign a few things to make exploring easier. I know there is a lot of good content, but I feel like it’s not always easy to get to. If you have any recommendations for either, please let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Hope you all had a wonderful month and here’s to June!

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  1. 300 squats! Wow your a work out Goddess! Congratulations on all the important anniversary dates because they are so admirable and when we celebrate them we acknowledge how far we have come.

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