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Five Things Friday #193

Happy Friday the 13th!

How was your week? Mine went swimmingly and now I’m looking forward to the weekend. After some craziness with the contractor who hung a bunch of our stuff on Wednesday (just that it took waaaaay longer than necessary), our condo finally feels more like a home and I’m really loving it. Tomorrow we are attending a friend’s wedding (stay tuned on Instagram for more stories of Neil dancing since they are always a hit) and then the rest of the weekend is low key.

I hope you have some relaxing plans for the coming days, and here’s a look at some of the things that made me happy this week. 🙂

1. Hanging plants from IKEA

Now that I have bought virtually every plant from IKEA, I wanted to share these ones with you. These are the only artificial plants that I bought, but they look really good and definitely not cheaply made. I had originally intended to put two into one pot, but realized that when I got home that I liked one on each shelf. Soooo now I need to find another white pot because I’m not driving all the way to IKEA again for a third weekend in a row. 🙂

Our home is finally coming together (4 years later) and feels like an adult place where we want to hang out and relax. I’m waiting to get all the pictures printed and up, but I will share a home tour with you when I do in the coming weeks!

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo

I’m always using random dry shampoos and trying to use up travel size ones that I’ve bought but don’t really love. I recently ran out and bought this Batiste brand at Target. My problem with a lot are that the smells can be overpowering, so I chose one that was advertised as having a minimal scent.

So far this has worked great with my hair, but if this is the minimal scent version, then the regular must smell really powerful. The good thing is that I actually really liked the scent and it doesn’t leave me with a headache by the end of the day (I’m talking to you Drybar). I’d definitely buy this again!

3. Tanka Bars

I was sent a couple samples of Tanka bars and have been taking them with me when I’m on the go. I like having protein-based snacks, so these are perfect. The ingredients are great and I’d pick them up in the store if I was looking for some delicious meat snacks (is that a phrase?).

4. Athleta Mod Trekkie Crop

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — I LOVE THESE PANTS. Yesterday marked the start of Athleta’s Semi-Annual Sale, and when I saw these bad boys were marked down, I immediately bought the gray version as well. I live in these pants and wear them both to train and out in the city. They’re also perfect for travel because they’re so lightweight and minimal when packing. You’d better believe I’m bringing both of them with me to Greece.

They’re currently on sale (DID I MENTION THAT?), so I highly suggest grabbing some for yourself.

5. Skillshare

I have seen Skillshare here and there and even tried signing up for a free two month trial when I saw it offered on an IG account that I follow. Unfortunately, the number was limited and I signed up too late and then forgot about it. I saw the opportunity offered again and signed up immediately.

Skillshare allows you to take classes (more than 22,000) about all kinds of topics right from your computer or phone (there’s an app). I had wanted to use it to learn more about photography and editing, but there are all kinds of topics to choose from if that’s not your thing. I noticed there’s even a writing section which I’m interested in taking a peek at. I only started watching one class about Lightroom because I really only know what my food editing class taught me, and I’ve already learned tons more than what I knew before. I wanted to know more about editing landscapes and portraits because that’s also what I’ve been taking pictures of and it’s been so helpful.

If you’re looking to learn more about a subject, head here to read more about it and you can also redeem the same two free months that I did. Note: I will also get a free month, but only AFTER you’ve made a payment following the free trial, if you decide to continue. If you decide to do the two and dip out, that’s totally fine too. I just think it’s awesome.

That’s all I’ve got this week guys — enjoy the weekend!

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