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Five Things Friday #195

Happy Friday!

To be honest, this week has been weird because I took Thurs and Fri off to prepare for our anniversary party tomorrow. So basically I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday and it was a very confusing time all around. We have family coming in from out of town, so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone in one place this weekend. I’m planning a recap post next week, so stay tuned!

To end the week, here are some of the things I’ve been loving. Make sure to let me know some of yours in the comments!

*some affiliate links included below

1. Edgewater Candles

I stumbled across this candle brand at a local artisan market and of course started to smell them all. I got to this tomato leaf scent and it was AMAZING. It smelled like a summer garden full of tomatoes and even a little bit of pepper smell in there. I bought it immediately and have been lighting it on my desk ever since.

If you note the cute logo as well, the top of the mason jar is a lowercase e and the body of it makes the c for Edgewater Candles. Love.

2. Step Stool

This may not be exciting to the normal person, but for someone who takes a lot of overhead food shots, this step stool is a game changer. Previously, I was standing on a chair which wasn’t quite tall enough or doing some kind of weird straddling thing to try to get enough height.

My friend Erin from The Almond Eater recommended a step stool w three steps rather than the normal two and now I feel way more legit when taking pictures.

3. Watering Can

Since getting all those new plants from IKEA, I realized I needed an actual watering can because I had to keep making trips to the sink and back to get enough water. I wanted one that poured water like a rainfall (i.e., gently), and this one from Amazon has been perfect. You can also rotate the end of the spout so that it falls even softer if you want!

4. Tea Kettle

Our old tea kettle broke and Neil got me this one for my birthday. The previous one only boiled water which was great, but this new one lets me select the specific temperature I want the water to correspond with which type of tea I’m brewing. If you read last Friday’s post, you know I also got individual metal tea infusers that have been making my morning tea adventures very enjoyable.

5. Daily Spot 

Daily Spot is an amazing resource that catalogs all kinds of free workouts in your city. All you have to do is click “see schedule” and select your city to see what’s near you. They are continuing to grow and add new cities all the time, so if yours isn’t there, bookmark it and keep checking it out! Bonus: There is also an app that you can download here (iOS only) that provides free workouts as well.

That’s all for this week! See you back here on Monday!

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