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Life Lately: June 2018

Happy July, happy Monday, and happy day in general. 🙂

Man, I want to be able to say that June was so amazing and regale you with wonderful stories, but honestly it was pretty low key. We are getting ready for a big anniversary party at the end of this month, so a lot of time was dedicated to that and really just taking things easy last month.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights.


You may remember that we had a couple statement walls in our condo — an orange one in our living room and a purple one in the bedroom. Over time, we felt that they didn’t quite fit our aesthetic anymore and we decided to have painters paint them the same color as the rest of the walls.

I love it. It feels more “us” and more adult. It’s cooler in here now and I like watching movies in the evening without a burnt orange background illuminated by desk lamps.

Aside from the walls, we are planning to add some other things to our home this month, which you can expect to see recapped more fully in next month’s post when everything will be finalized. For now, here are the plants I got at IKEA over the weekend. I’m waiting on a couple stands so that they’re not all the same height, but they’re still beautiful to me in the corner.


I’m still making time to train at BTY Training Lab about 5 days a week. I do it first thing in the morning, either 5 or 6 am, and then start the work day. Doing it first thing is crucial for me because it starts me off on a strong note and let’s be real, anything after noon I’m not going to make it to.

I’ve also gone back to Hardpressed once a week, which is a 30-min strength workout. The workouts are intense, have minimal rest, and get a lot accomplished in a short period of time. It’s helped my other workouts because I’ve been able to work some muscle groups that don’t always get hit in my normal workouts.

No injuries this month = happy Erin.

Kind of fitness/blogging related is that I started my relationship with Adidas in June. I’ll be working with them on some fitness posts over the year and I’m excited to share them with you!

P.S. I’ve had their Ultraboost X shoes for months and I love them. Maybe it’s time for another color…


Oh yes, the elusive book.

As I mentioned in this post, I finally asked my therapist to start setting deadlines for me. You may remember that after I submitted my book proposal in February, the editor I’ve been talking to asked me to revise a couple of the sample chapters I submitted. That was right before Italy, so I didn’t make it a priority, then continued that mentality until last month.

Once I blocked off time and made it a priority, I was able to write two new chapters and resubmit my proposal. I found the PERFECT place for me to write — dim, tea-filled, and quiet. It’s literally everything I imagine when I think of a place to inspire creativity and I foresee much more book work being completed there.

I’ll update you on book progress as it goes along and fingers crossed that my submission is picked up. Send happy thoughts!


Little Donut is still always a pile of laughs. She’s vocal, opinionated, and the sweetest dog we could ask for.

We are teaching her not to eat plant dirt and are still working on her affinity for chewing holes in blankets, but aside from that, we squish her whenever we can.

Other tidbits:

We have been trying to finalize our travel plans for Greece in September. We are thisclose to being done, but man is it a lot of work when you have to do it yourself. Note: when planning multiple destination trips, buy a package or use an agent!

I’m working with Athleta to finalize the workshops that I will be holding throughout the year. I think the first one should be this month, so keep an eye out on Instagram!

I picked up some more freelance writing opportunities, so that will be occupying a bit more of my time. It’s not a ton of work, but a good way to add a little income. It gives me a chance to write about things I’m qualified to speak on, but that might not quite fit on here.


Aside from my gummy bear addiction, that’s about all the excitement around here from June. Make sure to check back next month for July’s post because there’s going to be a LOT.

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  1. Finding a writing nook that suits your style is so crucial. I’m about to embark on a cross-country move from D.C. to the LA area this week and I’m already mourning leaving my beloved Misha’s in my neighborhood. Fingers crossed there are great spots at the next place! Also, Greece is on my bucket list!
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