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Five Things Friday #209

Hey guys happy Friday!

Today is actually super busy for me because I’m getting in my final training clients before the holidays. Next week is pretty light, so I think I can handle a full day of work for today. 🙂

We are staying here for Christmas because we have our “no travel on the holidays” ban like we do every year. We try and visit our families at other points in the year to avoid holiday stress and spend low key time with each other during the actual holiday. What are you doing this year?

Here are some of my favorite things from this week — let me know yours in the comments!

1. Minesweeper

I can’t believe I haven’t put this on one of these Friday posts yet considering I’ve been playing it nonstop since I downloaded it a few weeks ago.

When I was younger, I used to play a ridiculous amount of Minesweeper to the point where I would see tiled floors and imagine where mines would be. HA. I didn’t play it again for years until I had the random thought to look for it on the app store. Lo and behold it was there and I love it so much still.

If you’re going to download it, double check the reviews because there are a lot of versions and the first one I downloaded had ads every time you started a new game. When you have to click random boxes to even start a game, there are a LOT of new games, so it was really frustrating. This version (Minesweeper Q) has barely any ads at all so make sure to find that one!

2. Jeopardy on Netflix

We finished all of the episodes of the Great British Baking Show, which is quite a feat in itself, so we were looking for something else to watch that wasn’t as time consuming. When it’s not The Office for the millionth time (still love it), we have been watching Jeopardy which is GREAT. I only wish there were more seasons.

3. Eggnog Chocolate Cups

I shared these on Instagram this week and don’t worry, Monday’s post is going to be how to make them. They’re SUPER easy and you can fill the cups with whatever you want really. Come back Monday for the steps!

4. Borrow Lenses

I’ve been eyeing a macro lens for my camera for some time, but of course it’s over $1000, so I figured a better idea would be to rent the same one from Borrow Lenses for a week so I can test it out at home and see if I actually like it enough to buy.

I got it late in the afternoon yesterday, so I plan to play with it more over the holiday and make the decision on whether or not to bite the bullet. So far the renting process is super easy and then you just use the return label they provide to send it back in a week.

Tip: I signed up for their email list when the box popped up because I saved $30 on the rental which really helped!

5. 20 Week OB Visit

Yesterday Neil and I went to my 20 week OB visit, which is the one where they do a much longer and detailed ultrasound to make sure everything is working and developing properly.

All was good with baby, me, and he’s still a boy (ha). We got new pictures to bring home and this one of him looking like the terminator is my favorite by far.

There will still be new posts next Mon, Wed, and Fri, so feel free to stop in if you’re not too busy with presents, family, and sweets. Have a great weekend!

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