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Five Things Friday #210

Welcome to 2019!

I’ve been working on getting back into the swing of things this week after having time off over the holidays, and it’s resulted in some extra afternoon naps which I’m blaming on the baby (but also readjusting to waking up at 5:30 am for workouts).

I didn’t have to search too hard for things to put on the list this week since I skipped last week and have some new additions after the holidays. Here are some of my faves from this week (and last)!

1. Scones from King Arthur Flour

I’ve always been a big fan of KAF products because they are high quality and all of their mixes are delicious. Their scones are amazing and I asked for a bunch of boxes for Christmas. My family did not disappoint and I made them as soon as possible after I received them. They’re literally foolproof and taste like you’ve made them from scratch, so check out all their flavors here if you’re in the mood for scones!

2. Snoogle

Well before I was pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, I read a lot of blogs that mentioned The Snoogle as a life-saving pregnancy pillow. Neil got me one for Christmas and it’s been super comfy. At 22 weeks, I’m not sure that it’s SO incredible only because my stomach still isn’t too much in the way and sleep isn’t terribly uncomfortable (yet). I will report back as things progress, because I’m forseeing more discomfort as I grow.

Aside from the specifics of pregnancy, it’s a great body pillow just to have and Neil even likes to try and steal part of it in the night. Donut will also mush herself in behind my knees and basically make it impossible for me to turn over, so just keep those things in mind if you have a small bed/dog/husband combo. Our bed is a king and it can get a little jammed while trying to get comfy.

3. Lasting marriage app

I didn’t expect this one to make the list, but after reading about it in a pregnancy-related email, I decided to give it a try and was really impressed. Over the holiday break, I downloaded it on a whim because Neil and I try to do things to improve our relationship whenever we can. With a baby on the way, it’s even more important, so since we both had extra time, we tried it out.

Lasting is an app that claims to offer “marriage counseling made simple,” and starts with a questionnaire for you to fill out individually. You can then share your results with your partner, but I didn’t realize it shares your EXACT responses. Ha. I’m glad I didn’t know that to start because I may have tempered some of the things I said, but honesty is so important that I didn’t really care when we shared results. Based on your responses, the app suggests a few subject-specific sessions that may benefit you as a couple and you can go from there. It was fun to choose areas we knew we needed to work on, answer questions/review answers, and learn new things. If anything, it offered a space for us to start talking about things that we otherwise may not have in favor of watching Netflix on our days off.

I think that in-person therapy is also important, and something that helped save our marriage, so I don’t know that this is a replacement for that if you need more help, but it’s definitely a good starting point. There is a free week (what we did), and then some options for monthly/yearly plans if you want to continue, so if you’re unsure, at least try out the free week!

4. DedCool Madonna (Lilly) perfume

A friend gave me this perfume for Christmas after I smelled it and told her I wanted it (ha). I don’t wear perfume that often and really only wear the amazing Molecule One when I do, but this one smelled so good that I wanted to add it into rotation. It’s a complex scent of black pepper, sandalwood, and amber that just smells warm and spicy in the winter.

5. New Headshots

FINALLY. I haven’t taken new pictures since last year at this time, and since then I’ve obviously cut my hair and gotten pregnant. When I wanted to reuse content, all my photos had long hair and were obviously outdated. I saw an IG story for holiday mini sessions with local photographer Alisha and I loved her aesthetic. I booked one for right before the end of the year and just got them back.

She’s a great photographer and I made sure to tell her right away that I’m awkward AF in front of the camera, despite liking to have my picture taken. She adjusted me and gave me great pointers so that my pictures came out well. While I wanted a lot of them to be usable for future content (i.e., not being pregnant in every one), I did ask her to snap some shots of the bump that I could have for myself. I’m loving this one so much.

That’s all for this week, folks. See you on Monday!

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  1. Hi Erin! So I never got super uncomfortable at night while sleeping my whole pregnancy and made it through without a Snoogle just fine. I had trouble getting out of bed (the rolling over and awkward bed roll-off is a real thing), so maybe you won’t end up that way? You never know! And love the rest of your faves, including the bump shot!! Happy Friday!
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