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Five Things Friday #215

Happy Friday!

I had my 28-week OB appt this week and everything is right on track. I can’t believe this baby will be here in less than three months — WHERE DID THE TIME GO?? I found out that I’ve gained 16 lbs so far, but that he should double in size this month. When I told her I didn’t have any more room for that, she just laughed at me. This should be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

This week’s list isn’t too exciting, but they’re the things I’ve been loving the most, so I hope you enjoy!!

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost

I ran out of moisturizer the other week and went to the store to stare aimlessly at all of the beauty products. I settled on this one for no hugely apparent reason, but I’ve been using it about two weeks and like the way it smells and makes my skin feel. Just throwing that out there if you’re in the market for some!

2. Breville Super Q Blender

I did some work with Breville last month and was able to take home their new Super-Q blender. We have had the same basic Vitamix for over 7 years and use it every day (seriously). What we liked about this new blender, and why I chose this picture, is the single-serving smoothie maker.

I know you can get less expensive single-serving smoothie makers like the NutriBullet, so I’d recommend that if you’re not ready to make this investment, however the entire blender system is amazing. It’s safe to say that this is definitely a product worth investing in, but if you’re at a lower price point, I also recommend buying a refurbished Vitamix which is a little cheaper and has lasted us YEARS.


3. Bananas

HA, this one is not that exciting, but I haven’t bought bananas in awhile and the other morning I woke up, stretched, and had the worst Charlie horse ever. I decided to buy some bananas to up my potassium and I forgot how delicious they are (just not as ripe as the picture below – gross).

4. Durham’s Canker-Rid

This is really more of a “Neil pick,” but I figured that I should include it if any of you struggle with canker sores like he does.

Inevitably, whenever Neil bites his mouth on accident, it turns into a terrible, painful canker sore. He’s tried all sorts of things to remedy the issue, but this has become his go-to as soon as he knows one is forming. I don’t know why it’s so magical, but you can read all the great reviews on Amazon to help you make up your mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Friends From College Season 2 (Netflix)

I realized that I never included this when I watched it, so here you go.

The first season was surprisingly better than I thought it would be, and I actually liked this second season even more than the first. The episodes are short and I’m always laughing, so if you’re looking for a good show, check it out!

(The second season is actually a little more serious than the first, but there are still plenty of jokes).


Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you on Monday!

2 comments on “Five Things Friday #215

  1. Pregnancy Charlie horses are THE WORST!!!
    I started wearing my compression socks to alleviate them…and be sure to stay hydrated (which Iโ€™m sure you do).
    That moisturizer looks so refreshing.

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