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A 2019 Book Update

A recap of my book writing journey from 2015 until now. Here is my 2019 book update. #writer #writing #freelance #author

Oh man you guys, I feel so terrible like I’ve been stringing everyone along re: this book topic. It’s even gotten to the point where I need to date my book update posts with the applicable year. Why is it a 2019 book update? Were there that many other ones? Well, honestly, yes, and I’m a little embarrassed about it.

In case you’re just tuning in and have no idea what I’m talking about, my initial idea to write a book first came to mind in 2015 where I preemptively announced it to the internet, but then felt strongly that it wasn’t the right time. This turned out to be true as that year ended up being one of the rougher ones for me. Then 2017 came along and I felt more prepared and equipped with important life info that could be rounded out into an important memoir. I took a creative vacation to concentrate on nothing but writing. I met with an editor who expressed interest and helped me write an awesome 22-page book proposal, something I didn’t even know I needed. We went back and forth in the process until recently, when I was informed that due to changing positions and company restructuring, it was likely that my title would not be picked up for publication.

It doesn’t come as a complete surprise, given the amount of time between the inception of the offer and today, and honestly, without a deadline I’m the worst at getting projects done. I’m much further along than I was four years ago when I didn’t even have a concept of how I wanted the book to be structured, which is good. I’m equipped with a completed book proposal that I can send off to agents and publishing houses to see if there’s any nibbling. I just wanted to get you an update because it seems like forever that I’ve been working on this, and honestly it kind of has been.

So the book is on hiatus for the moment in lieu of website restructuring, the upcoming mental health summit, and OH YEAH having a baby in six weeks. It’s not scrapped because it’s IMPORTANT not only for others, but also myself.

Stay tuned for updates and if anyone knows any literary agents, any info is welcome. HA. 🙂 Have a wonderful day friends!

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  1. I was just thinking about your book the other day and wondered how it was coming along! I thought back to when I first started following you – it was right around the time when you took your creative vacation. I’m glad it’s still in the works. And, just to give you something to consider, some of the best books ever written took decades to complete. So, there’s that. 🙂 HA! Thanks for the update.
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  2. Aw, I’m sorry, friend! If you don’t get a direct recommendation for an agent, check out Writer’s Digest’s Guide to Literary Agents. There’s a whole slew of different agents by topic in there!

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