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Five Things Friday #217

Hey hey!

Well at least I got one new post up this week! I’m telling you, between working with Neil on the redesign and making sure everything is in line for the summit registration launch next week (!!), I couldn’t seem to find time to squeeze in the normal post rotation. I mentioned what was going on to those of you on my email list, and if you want to be in the loop on things like that, don’t hesitate to sign up!

This week has been busy but good. We got some bigger ticket baby items such as the Ergobaby and our carseat, so things are definitely becoming more real. After tomorrow, I’ll only have eight weeks to go which seems CRAZY to me. I’m also headed out to my last trip sans baby this afternoon to NYC until the beginning of next week. I’m off to hang out with Neil and eat all the donuts, which should be magical. You can follow along on Instagram for all the exploits if you’re interested. 🙂

Although I didn’t leave the house that much this week, I was still able to come up with five new things that have made that time inside more enjoyable. Check them out below and let me know some of yours in the comments!

1. Simple Mills Brownies

With Expo West right around the corner, many brands are choosing this time to launch new products. I received a new brownie mix from Simple Mills this week and we wasted no time whipping them up.

They’re good! Neil is never really a fan of “healthier” desserts, so he thought they were ok, but myself and two other friends that I shared them with all thought they were really good. I’ve been eating two a day since we made them and I’m not about to stop now. Currently, they are only available from their website, but they should be launching in stores soon!

Pro tip: Mix some PB and jelly in before baking to make them even more delicious.

2. Sumo Oranges

I first saw these on Eva Chen’s Instagram stories and realized that I had never had one before. Before I get into citrus, I highly recommend following her account if you don’t already. She’s the Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram and even though fashion makes no sense to me, the content she shares in her stories is funny, relatable, and I really look forward to it each day.

ANYWAY, she shared about these and how delicious they were, so later that day I happened to be at Trader Joe’s and saw a million of them. I was already prepared from her stories that they would be expensive ($2.50 a pop!) and that they were near the end of their season, so the principle of scarcity made me buy one. I will say that they are incredibly easy to peel, had no seeds, and were delicious all around. Guess I’ll just add them to my “strangely overpriced produce” list along with Honeycrisp apples.

3. Maya Kaimal Everyday Dal

I got these in the mail Wednesday night after complaining all day to myself and Donut that I didn’t have any savory food in the house, but not wanting to actually leave to get any. SAVING GRACE.

I’m doing some work on IG with them next month, but this review is not part of that. I really, really enjoyed the one I ate (not pictured ha). All you have to do is microwave for 90 seconds, pour in a bowl, then eat. It was so good guys. I might make another one for lunch just writing this and staring at the picture. Stay tuned next month for their simmer sauces!

4. Google Home Mini

I’m very confused as to how this hasn’t shown up on a previous FTF because I use it all the time and I feel like we’ve had it forever. I did share about the regular sized Google Home that we have, so maybe that’s why I thought this wasn’t necessary.

We keep this one in our kitchen because it’s so much smaller and use it for a variety of things, the top two being “can my dog eat ________” and setting timers for my tea. Whenever I go somewhere that’s not my kitchen and make tea, I inevitably find myself talking to no one and asking them to set a timer. It’s also great to play music while I’m in there or ask the weather or really anything. I’d highly suggest looking into one if you’re in the market!

5. Avicii True Stories Documentary

This had been on my Netflix list to watch for awhile, and I finally got around to it this week. It was filmed and released prior to the musician’s suicide, but was edited to include a tribute and an update at the end of the film.

It was really well done, but also heartbreaking to see the stress that he was under and that he continually voiced to seemingly deaf ears. His health began to suffer and he was plagued by severe anxiety up until he decided to retire from touring altogether. You could see the toll that the lifestyle was taking on him and as a kindred introvert, I really empathized with the discomfort he felt relentlessly touring in front of tons of people.

The film, which you can watch on Netflix, ends with a seemingly happy Bergling in Madagascar simply playing music — really the only thing he had wanted to immerse himself in for so many years. It’s a good documentary and I’d recommend it also as a way to see that fame and money don’t bring happiness.

Well apparently not writing other posts this week means that I write a novel for each item on this list, so hopefully you made it through!

I’m not entirely sure of the posting schedule for next week yet, but I KNOW there will be one on Wednesday to announce the launch of registration for the Mental Health Summit in April, so check back!!

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  1. Enjoy your baby free trip! Haven’t had much time to read blogs lately so I’m a little behind on your new launch…congrats! I really love the new look of the site!
    Also…I NEED to try those brownies! I haven’t seen them yet!
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