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Five Things Friday #232

Happy Friday!

A couple of you mentioned last week that when reading these posts in an aggregator like Feedly, there were some repetitive formatting issues. That should be fixed, but if not, please leave me a comment letting me know!

This weekend is pretty light, so we will probably focus on enjoying the weather while we can. I'm really excited for next week because I ordered Miles a bigger crib since he is starting to outgrow the mini one we've had him in. I'm sure it will make next week's post, so check back to see it all put together. To kick off the weekend, here are some of my favorites from this week!

1. Plann Instagram Scheduler

These schedulers aren't new, but I recently realized that I probably needed one considering my Instagram content is shifting a bit to include more pictures of myself and Miles. Previously, all my photos were consistent with some type of food and a spacious white background, so the arrangement of images didn't really matter. Now that I am including pictures with different types of backgrounds, it's important for me to be able to plan out what my feed will look like ahead of time.

You can upload images and then drag and drop them to rearrange to what looks the best aesthetically. You can also write your caption and schedule your image so that when it's time to post you get a notification and can simply copy your caption and post it right to IG. You can also save groups of hashtags that get copied with one click for you to post as well.

This is all part of the free plan, but there is a business plan you can upgrade to that also includes analytics and ways to see how accounts similar to yours perform. I haven't paid for that yet, but you do get a 5 days free trial and it had a lot of good info if you're interested.

2. Schitt's Creek Up Close & Personal

Last Friday, Neil, Miles, and myself drove to Milwaukee to attend the Schitt's Creek Up Close & Personal tour. It was a panel of cast members answering questions and just talking more about the show and behind the scenes, with some blooper videos included. 🙂

I loved being able to be there and Miles was pretty well behaved in his carrier for most of it. He got a little overheated at one point, but as long as there was food at hand he stayed remarkably quiet.

If you haven't seen the show, it's quickly become one of my favorites. It can take a little bit to get into and I wasn't initially super impressed with the first episodes I watched. As the seasons continue and the characters develop, it's such a beautiful (and funny) show that is so important for how we as a society view and treat others. I sincerely believe that many of the situations and storylines are groundbreaking and done so, so well. If you're on the fence about it after starting (it's on Netflix and others), keep watching.

3. Quaker Rice Crisps

For some reason I always forget about these until I randomly see them in the store. The apple cinnamon flavor is my FAVORITE and I quickly ate this entire bag this week while dealing with massive loads of pee-soaked laundry from both Donut and Miles. Good times.

They're a healthy snack option and come in a whole range of sweet AND savory flavors, so I highly recommend picking some up!

4. Homemade Vanilla Sweet Cream

With the help of a former Starbucks barista, I made a batch of vanilla sweet cream to put in my coffee at home (yet still have been going out to Starbucks - whoops). I use this recipe and then adjust with additional vanilla syrup if needed:

  • 2 oz vanilla syrup (I bought mine at Starbucks)
  • 4 oz 2% milk
  • 10 oz heavy whipping cream

This makes a pretty good amount, so if you want less, just cut it in half. It smells like ice cream every time I open the jar. 🙂

5. Roll Red Roll

This documentary was recommended by a friend I follow on Instagram and when it became available on Netflix, I sat down to watch it. From the site:

At a 2012 pre-season high school football party in Steubenville, Ohio, a young woman is raped. The aftermath exposes an entire culture of complicity and the roles that peer pressure, denial, sports machismo, and social media played in the tragedy.

The entire situation is upsetting and disturbing, and I think what made it affect me so much more is the fact that I now have a son of my own that I am raising. To imagine him behaving the way that many of these boys did made me sick and also strengthened my resolve to make sure I raise him in a way where none of this would ever be acceptable. It's funny how my perspective has started to change now that I have this little nugget to think about. 

Aside from it being a truly f*cked up situation, it's a good documentary to watch if you're not familiar with the case.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. It just made me wonder how people can raise children like that to think it’s something blasé or to laugh about. It made me want to make sure to do a good job raising a loving and caring son

  1. Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian show. It’s not very often that Canadian content gets popular in the US. Ironically I haven’t watched any of it, though I’ve heard that it’s really good. Maybe I’ll have to watch a few episodes now.

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