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Five Things Friday #235

Happy Friday!

Welcome to the end of the week and the beginning of September (!). This weekend is pretty light except that tomorrow we are running a 5K - something I haven't done in a couple years. Even though I'm pretty active, there's a difference in the workouts I do and strictly running for 3.1 miles. Luckily I'm never one to try and actually race a race, so my plan is to take it easy and just get it done. You can read more about it in #5 of today's post and follow along on Instagram if you're interested!

I love how the temperatures are cooling off, but I also hope that they stay that way for a bit so we actually have a fall season. Last year I feel like it went right to winter after a very brief fall and I'm not ready for that. Fingers crossed!

Here are some of the things I've been loving this week; I hope you enjoy!

1. Plants @ Trader Joe's

I've always loved buying plants and flowers at Trader Joe's. A friend of mine shared that she recently bought one in a white pot and when I found out it was from TJ's, I rushed there to lay claim to ALL THE PLANTS. Sadly, my local store didn't have the white-potted plants yet, so I had to wait until this week when they suddenly appeared!

They have great plants all the time, but these pots match the white color that I love so much everywhere else, so I may actually have to go back and buy a couple more. 🙂

2. Jackie and Olives Etsy Store

So I haven't actually bought anything from here yet, but a follower on Instagram sent me their profile when I mentioned that I was looking for a hat like the one pictured here that a) didn't look cheap  and b) wasn't $84 (literally).

They make a bunch of really adorable bonnets for babies and I may end up buying this one for Miles because what's cuter than a baby with a fuzzy mane? NOTHING.

You can check out their store here.

3. Rishi Golden Triangle Breakfast Tea

Since the weather is cooling off a bit here in Chicago, I'm starting to crave morning tea again. Thankfully, I am still getting my Sips By box with four new types of tea personalized to me every month. I'm a big fan of black tea, so I started drinking this one and it reminds me of fall and candles. Coming soooooon.

If you want to look into a tea box for yourself, check out their website here and the code FORERIN will get you 50% off your first box!

4. New TV

Neil has wanted to buy a new TV for years now, but I always remind him that there's nothing wrong with our current one. I'm always more conservative when it comes to purchases, but after Neil had an awesome win at work and got a bonus, we decided the best way to celebrate was with FINALLY getting a new TV. We went up 5 inches to a 65" and the quality is amazing. It's also SUPER thin which is crazy. It's amazing how technology advances over the years.

If you're interested, here is a link to the one we got. Our last TV was an LG and they've been really nice!

5. Shatterproof 5K Run/Walk

You may have already seen me share about this on Instagram if you follow me there, but tomorrow Neil and I are running a 5K to help in the fight against addiction. We are also raising money and all donations go towards helping those who need it afford treatment. 

I haven't run any kind of distance in a couple years, so hopefully this goes well. Neil has never run a 5K but his running seems to be surpassing mine lately, so we will see who wins. In terms of donations, we are each raising money separately and I'm trying to beat him, so if you're able to donate even a small amount, please head to this link to do so.

You all know how much the fight against addiction means to me and I'm so happy that I can participate in such a relevant cause. If you're in the Chicago area and want to run, you can also use the code ERIN30 for 30% off your race registration!

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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